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By chickbrad24 · May 1, 2015 · ·
  1. chickbrad24
    Well my story begins when I decided to get a small flock of chickens. My plan was simple start off with about 6 chicks. So when our local feed store announced on their website that their chick days began I ran right in. I picked up 6 Buff Brahma pullets and brought them home.

    Here is Gerty one of those Buff Brahmas I picked up. she is
    a very sweet loving chicken she is the 1st chicken to greet me in the morning and squawk that's she hungry.

    But then I went back to see what else they had. I saw Easter Egger's so i picked up 6 more little chicks.

    This is Freddy our Resident Rooster. He is such a sweet Roo.

    Here he is on the porch being a naughty boy and waking everybody up.

    Then I looked up more chicken breeds and came across Wyandotte's and absolutely had to have some. So I ended up getting 2 Blue Laced Red's 5 Silver Laced and 5 Golden Laced

    Here is Betty Blue. She is gorgeous and she walks around like she owns the place.

    Here is her sister Betty Hanna my broody Mama.

    Then I saw Silkies and said to myself those are adorable. I want some they would make a great addition to the Flock !! So I looked online found an excellent breeder and got 6 adorable little Silkies.

    I have no name for her yet if anyone thinks of a good one let me know.
    She is my little Babushka.

    So then after I got my little flock of Silkies. I wanted more Blue Laced Red Wyandottes so I ordered some bantam Blue Laced red Wyandottes. They couldn't have come at a more perfect time my 3 Broody's in my coops their eggs started to hatch. [​IMG]
    Here are my 6 new additions. Blue laced Red Wyandotte Bantams.
    Here are some Broody Mama pictures. The Same week my baby blues came in.

    Bertie with one of like 9 of her babies. I haven't been able to get an accurate count.
    So during the time I was thinking of getting chickens I decided it would be nice to get some ducks so now I am the loving owner of 13 ducks.
    Here's Daisy and Daffy.
    This is Bella-Donna their Daughter She is a beautiful Blue Buff color.
    Here is Bella-Donna, Donna-Bella and their Brother he has no name yet.
    Here is miss lovely Anna-Bella
    Here is the flock just swimming around.

    Well that's just a fraction of the flock. I hope you liked it. And thank you for reading !!

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  1. backyardflock1
    Very nice indeed! Very nice assortment of poultry
  2. Ratherbwarm
    How about Dilly for the Silkie? She looks a little like Phylis Diller, lol.
  3. tvlgal85
    So cute. I think Farrah is a good name for the little Silkie.
  4. chickbrad24
    Your welcome Brookliner. Ballerina Bird thank you so much. I do love all my birds they are so fun to watch. Chicken math really got me in the butt. I really just wanted a flock of 12. Now I have 23 chickens, 25 chicks and 13 ducks. I have 1 more broody hen and 4 broody ducks.
  5. Ballerina Bird
    This is so cute and hilarious! You clearly love your birds.
  6. Brookliner
    Thanks chickbrad24 for the info. Chicken math has really got you. LOL.
  7. australorplover
    awesome story
  8. the Silkie
    very nice flock I love it keep going on
  9. Darnbunnies
    Chicken Math!
  10. Bine
    As a very wise woman once said: Chickens are a gateway lifestock.
  11. chickbrad24
    Thank you so much everyone. It really does mean a lot. lizzychick I love that name Zsa Zsa.
  12. jchny2000
    Lovely pictures and enjoyed your article so much. Beautiful flock!
  13. lizzychick
    If I had more property, I'd keep getting more chickens too!! Waiting for my BLR Wyandotte to morph from a chipmunk chick to a beauty queen. I think you should name your silky Zsa Zsa
  14. autumnhearth
    Nice flock, especially your beautiful BLRWs!
  15. Ronster
    great looking flock!
  16. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  17. chickbrad24
    Thank you mymilliefleur.
  18. chickbrad24
    Thank you crazyfeathers.
  19. crazyfeathers
    Yep, true addict here lol. I love your flock.
  20. chickbrad24
    Brookliner I got them from Ideal Poultry. I'm not sure how good of quality they will be but I'm going to look into improving them. I also want to try and get some Dun Laced Wyandottes.
  21. Brookliner
    Where did you get the bantam blue laced red wyandottes?
  22. mymilliefleur
    You have a beautiful flock!

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