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By Bloveschickens · Dec 27, 2014 · Updated Jan 24, 2015 · ·
  1. Bloveschickens
    I currently have a flock of 4, I have an easter egger named Dinking, a buff orpington name Haddie, a welsummer named Pickles and a barred rock named Layla. They are all very sweet and come running to me whenever I call there names.They were all born last March and are 10 months old now. Haddie has never layer an egg and pickles stopped laying eggs since she was attacked by a raccoon in September. So right now I am just getting 1 or 2 eggs a day, from my barred rock Layla and my Easter egger Dinking. 2 eggs is still enough for my family though, we always have over a dozen eggs at a time. ​


    This is my buff orpington Haddie. Haddie is 10 months old, as are the rest of my chickens, and has never layer an egg.

    UPDATE: She started laying eggs about a week ago [​IMG]
    Her eggs are already as big as her sisters eggs, and they have been laying since August.


    This is Layla, my barred rock.


    This was Pickles, my welsummer, in August


    This is Pickles now. She was attacked by a raccoon in September and hasn't layed an egg since, I am hoping she will begin to lay again in the spring. Look how much smaller her comb is now!

    This is Dinking, my Easter egger

    Here are some more photos:



    In this picture you can see that Pickles, my welsummer has a crooked tail. It has been like this since she was a baby. Pickles also lost an eye when she was attacked by a raccoon. Pickles is my special needs chicken and I love her so much!

    Thanks for reading!

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  1. Bloveschickens
    Yes I am! I am going to get three more chicks this spring, I am not 100% sure on the breeds yet but so far I am thinking another eater egger and a silver laced wyandotte. I am still thinking about the last breed though.
  2. Wanex
    Thanks for answering i hope she gets as healthy as she was before [​IMG], and are you planning on getting chicks this new year?
  3. Bloveschickens
    Thank you everyone for the nice comments!
  4. Bloveschickens
    @Wanex I believe it is because she stopped laying eggs after she was attacked and also because she was using up most of her energy to heal her eye that was injured by the raccoon. But, Pickles is doing well, my father was worried she might not make it through the winter but she is very healthy and still going strong! I am so proud of her and am hoping to get eggs from her in the spring. ;)
  5. cutechick53
    Your chickens are gorgeous!
  6. Wanex
    Im sorry for the ingnorance but, why did the comb got smaller?
  7. MarcoPollo
    Excellent pictures. The comparison pics of comb size after the attack are quite revealing. It is interesting how stress affects these birds. And the red color fades on their comb/wattles. I'm sorry you lost 2 hens. The remaining 4 are beautiful!
  8. Momof12chickens
    Very beautiful girls.
  9. familyfarm1
    Great flock!
  10. poult
    Beautiful flock!
  11. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  12. chickenneighbor
    Very pretty hens!
  13. Bloveschickens
    Actually 2 of my hens were killed by the raccoon. Pickles was injured and the other three were unharmed. I am very thankful that the raccoon did not kill the whole flock, but the experience was still very tragic.
  14. cavemanrich
    When raccoons visited my flock I was not as lucky as you. One time I lost 3 , He only ate one and killed the other 2. Nature can be cruel.
  15. Bloveschickens
  16. ChickyChickens
  17. Mountain Peeps
    I LOVE your flock!!!!!!

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