My favorite breed and how i learned about them

  1. JarrodnJojo2016
    When I was young, I had a great uncle who taught me everything I know and shared the love of chickens with me !
    after he taught me a lot and helped me build a pretty good sized coop, Uncle Lloyd surprised me with 5 young birds, 3 black tailed white Japanese a room and two hens, and two black tailed black Japanese ! after awhile my herd grew and I started showing them in shows around home, after a couple years I had the Japanese bantams around, there wasn't a show I didn't win at! Sadly, a sickness hit my coop, and all I had left was four birds, and the last show I was at all my birds were stolen! after that I gave up on my birds but I never stopped loving chickens! a few months ago I bought a rooster and four hens one of my favorite breeds, the black tailed white Japanese here are
    some pics of them. I hope everyone enjoyed my story!

    [​IMG] my ROO Reggie

    [​IMG] fern

    [​IMG] daisy

    [​IMG] aenoy

    [​IMG] june

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  1. PeepersMama
    Black tailed white japs are my favorite! B>
  2. JarrodnJojo2016
    @ChickenGrass Delete repeated word A black tailed black Japanese is the same as the black tailed white there just solid black..there are black tailed buff, solid white, there's new colors recognized but I like the originals
  3. Cluckcluck1215
    @ChickenGrass you just said you love Black Tailed Japanese Bantams, now your asking what they are?I don't under stand..........
  4. summerb123
  5. ChickenGrass
    Love black tailed Japanese bantams.
    What is a black tailed black Japanese bantam?
  6. ChickenGrass
    I love Black tailed Japanese bantams
  7. chicken4prez
    Beautiful birds!! <3
  8. MasterOfClucker
    Cute birds!!!

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