My Five Chickens

By TabbyChickens · Mar 10, 2012 · Updated Apr 1, 2012 · ·
  1. TabbyChickens
    My five little chicks arrived at the post office on Tuesday, March 6. They were all peeping loudly! They were incredibly fluffy and they had little sticks sticking out of their wings where the pin feathers would come in. They are growing really fast! They are five days old and some already have the beginnings of tail feathers!
    Here they are the day they arrived
    I got a barred rock, rhode island red, light brahma, golden comet, and buff orpington


    Here are some pictures from a chicken photo shoot when they were about two weeks old

    I've decided on names, from left to right: Sacha, Penelope, Foxy, Rhonda, and Gloria

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  1. AnimalLady123
    DORABLE CHICKS!!! I can tell exactly who is who!! Soo CUTE!!!
  2. canadafamily
    Thanks for responding. I'll try to make some little roosts, too. And you're right about raising up the feeder and waterer. What a messy bunch of girls.
  3. TabbyChickens
    Day old chicks don't really need roost bars, but mine have enjoyed them and I've heard from other people that if they don't have roosts when they are chicks, then they don't really know what to do with them when they are full grown. My roost bars are homemade. I used a big drill bit and put holes in the 1x3s and cut little dowels and fit them together. After a couple days I added a roost that was just a vertical 1x3. My chicks are 10 days old now, and they enjoy both. Good luck with your chicks! I also put my waterer and feeder up on 1x3s, because otherwise the chicks will poop in them lolll
  4. canadafamily
    It looks like you've got little roosting bars set up. I didn't know chicks would need such a thing at their age. (I'm expecting my first chicks today, so I don't know much.) Where did you get the roosting bars?
  5. TabbyChickens
    It's grogel, I got it at, the same place I bought the chicks. They say it's good for hydrating the chicks after shipping and that it's got a lot of good nutrients in it.
  6. baf2426
    Beautiful chics! Question: what is the green stuff their eating?

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