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My Chick Brooder Box

By TabbyChickens · Mar 4, 2012 · Updated Mar 7, 2012 · ·
  1. TabbyChickens
    I built my brooder using plywood and metal corner brace things.

    It is 2x3 feet, and 18 inches high

    I made the lid by sandwiching hardware cloth with 1x3s

    It is pretty sturdy, so hopefully no cats will get in!
    Altogether it cost about $50, but I could have gone a lot cheaper on the plywood
    It was fun to build and my chicks are coming soon!
    Here it is, ready for chicks!
    I thought I would add some toys - that's an oatmeal thing with holes in it, I've heard that chickens like tunnels! On the right are some mini roosts for the chicks to play on. I can't wait, they are coming either tomorrow or wednesday!

    They are finally here!!! They arrived on tuesday, it was exciting picking them up from the post office, they were all peeping so loudly!
    Here they are just a day old, eating some grogel
    From left to right: my Barred Rock, Rhode Island red, Light brahma, Golden Comet, and Buff Orpington.

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  1. TabbyChickens
    The green stuff is grogel. I bought at chickensforbackyards.com They say it is good for chicks that are being shipped and that it helps hydrate them and its full of nutrients, they liked it alot! I am also giving them quik chick in their water, I got that at murray mcmurray, it has electrolytes in it like gatorade! They say it's also good for chicks that are being shipped
  2. jdeoliveira74
    what are u feeding them green?
  3. TabbyChickens
    thanks! I think I am going to add a little tree branch too.
  4. Tropical Chickies
    I'm impressed, what an awesome job! I love the tunnel and mini roosts, nice touch!
  5. TabbyChickens
    smokejmp52- thanks!
    jdeoliveira74- loll thats pretty cool!
  6. jdeoliveira74
    I made mine out of an old military shipping crate its camo...
  7. smokejmp52

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