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My Flock 17

By galanie · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Feb 25, 2012 · ·
  1. galanie
    Here is some of my flock.

    This is George, but currently he's gone to another home. I just loved him though so I keep his picture here.

    Another past roo, Charlie:


    This is George's hatchmate Sugar. She really thinks she's the Queen of the whole realm:

    Here's my two part English blue Orp pullets:

    This is the true Queen of the place. One of my first chickens ever, Big Girl. She's from a hatchery and my blacks and blues make her look tiny, but she was a BIG GIRL to me before I got the others lol:

    Here's some of the gang making me some compost. This is the same guy as above only much younger. And that's Olives bottom in the center lol

    And my cute Olive along with my hatchery buff broody. She raised Olive, Pickles, and Charlie.

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  1. galanie
    Thanks! How's your two boys doing?
  2. leghorn dude
    wow they are looking great

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