Lucy: Lucy is my lovely Rhode Island Red. She has always been the shy one and will remain so. She hates to be held and will come to you if she needs anything. When she was a chick she was the "quiet one." Never made a peep unless the others were chasing her for the food she had. Upon growing up, her feathers darkened finally and she grew a voice box. She is the LOUDEST chicken I've ever heard! I nicknamed her "The Trumpeter" because she sounds like a trumpet. She first started to lay on December 6th and has laid one egg everyday ever since. She is a "screamer." Usually, chickens make then bok-bok-bogack...bok-bok-bogack noise. Not Lucy, she screams bloody murder until she lays an egg, then she's as quite as ever.

Raven: Raven is my adorable Barred Plymouth Rock. She has always been the favorite of everyone who has ever visited. She's very docile and LOVES attention! When she was little, she always loved to be held or on a lap. She was the center of attention. She is the perfect lap chicken. She was the second to start laying eggs, the same day Lucy laid, December 6th. She was never too loud, and never too quiet, she knows what she wants, when she wants, and how to get it. She's the "smart" chicken and the leader of the pecking order. Wherever she goes, the others follow. She loves people, especially children and elder. I plan to make her a therapy chicken once she stops laying. I've never had a problem with this chicken.

Pippin: Pippin is my crazy Buff Ameraucana. She has always been the loud one, the one that had to be first to get to everything. She started to peep when she was a chick, but once those feathers came in, she stopped peeping, that peeping turned into a shrill whistle; it sounded more like a squeal. She is my favorite! I named her after Peregrin Took from Lord of the Rings. She reminds me of him in so many ways, always getting into trouble, always eating, the typical "blond" stereotype. She has not started to lay yet, I'm still waiting for that blue-green egg. She is the mastermind behind every hole dug to China she literally digs holes that are 2 feet deep. She's not to much of the lap chicken, but she is a curious little bugger with an appetite.

Piper: Piper was my gorgeous New Hampshire Red rooster. Unfortunetly, I had to find a new home for him. Short to say, he loved big bugs and he loved behing held for long periods of time. I miss him