When I was little, I've always wanted my own little farm. Whether it be chickens, horses, pigs, goats, etc. I've always loved animals. This past year, I decided I wanted to start my own little farm by getting chickens. I can't say that I recall why exactly I decided to get chickens, I just did. I had my boyfriend build me a large coop and an enclosure. Since my yard is fairly small for a small backyard flock, I sent out letters to my neighbors describing my plans and how many chickens I planned to have. Half way into finishing the project, my neighbor sends a letter back stating she was "vehemently" against it. So, there goes for the long battle with my neighbor and a hearing infront of the board of health (which she did not show up at). I won by a freak chance of meeting one of the board members at his farm the day before
So, with the signal to go ahead, I finished the coop and got my chickens in the enclosure. But, it doesn't end there. It turned out that one of my "pullets" was actually a cockrell. It took a while to find him a new home, but I'm glad to say that he's safe at a bug farm with 25 other hens. Not to mention, the neighbor that complained about my now 3 chickens being loud and smelly, decided to let her coy dogs (coyote-dog hybrid) loose on purpose... twice.

Now, I have 3 lovely laying pullets, Lucy, my Rhode Island Red, Raven, my Barred Plymouth Rock, and Pippin, my Buff Ameraucana. I will say that my life would not be as complete without my little flock