My Flock!
The Queen of the flock, #1 in the pecking order.
Buttercup is a red sexlink hen, she's somehwat unusual though because she is mostly white.​



Cinnamon used to seem like she may have ended up being the #1,
but Buttercup has definitely proven that she runs the coop, and Cinnamon is #2.
Cinnamon is my other Red Sexlink, and
is very sweet to people, but likes to bully all the younger chickens.
She is the protector of food and water and makes sure that
her group eats and drinks before the younger groups of chickens.


Lux is a rhode Island Red , and is very quiet and laid back and appears to be #3 in the pecking order.


Harley & Jane
Harley and Jane are pretty much at the same level of the pecking order, both ranking in at #4.
They are Rhode Island Red hens, and are the the lowest of this first group of hens.
They are never picked on by any of the three chickens above them, beccause this is a very tight knit group.
Harley and Jane enjoy chasing around all the younger chickens,
because they seem to enjoy finally being above someone in the pecking order.