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  1. Fluffers
    Hi everyone! today i'm gonna talk about some ducks,this may be long or short i dont know yet.i will keep adding to it.i'm gonna talk about stray ducks that wander into our side of the lake. the first one i do not have a picture of,because i didn't have a phone at the time.idon't think,
    Anyway,my dad and I where testing a boat that he fixed out.we were at the boatlaunch and there was this cute little cayuga duck.he(she it turned out to be)was getting her feathers in.she was very young,and very sweet! she would almost let you touch her!(unlike our Swedish blacks so we launched the boat and it wanted to follow did it for a few feet but stayed at the boat launch.after we tested the boat,the duck was still there. we left and when we got home,i told my mom and begged her to come row across the lake to get the duck.she eventually said yes,so we rowed over the time, i knew how to row a boat,but i got the job of throw the bread out the back of the boat worked, just in time too,she was getting full.she didn't come onto our property the first day, but after seeing the wild ducks do it,she did and i woke up one morning to see her in the yard! She was a very small duck, smaller than the Swedish Blacks/Blues. We named her Runner, cuz everyone thought she was a runner because sh like to stand up straight.she couldn't thought,she didn't stand up tall enough.she layed blue eggs and lived outside. she got used to me and let me pet her. we did't let her with the other ducks because i noticed she had lice.i was petting her oneday and a saw a giant lice crawl next to her eye.luckily she didn't give it to any other day she went with the wild ducks and never came back. I went to the neighbors property and(i'm friends with them) and in the woods where we where gonna build a fort we found bones. i was convinced they where canada geese feathers, but their dad said it was from and Eagle,(city folk:rolleyes: ) but i think it could have been Runner. (probably not)

    The next duck was from 2 years ago.Her name was Ms. Muscovy.(she was a muscovy)i saw her from far away next to wild ducks, and i thought for sure it was a swan so i ran inside and told my parents,(Swans don't come around often)and we looked at it from the window and we had second thoughts.i rowed out there,(with bread of course)and saw that it was a muscovy i yelled,"its a muscovy!" and the weird neighbors that live on the hill were watching me. i fed it bread and it hissed at me and ate too took a while to come to my house, but the first day i will never forget. i didn't know anything about muscovys, accept that i wanted one for a while. i turned back when i was walking in the yard,and a white blur flew across the trees it was the duck!! I knew domestic ducks couldn't fly, at least my big fat Swedish Blues. i ran inside and opened the door,"THE DUCK FLIES" then everyone was like,"no way." but they believed me, i was a very truthful person.they eventually saw it fly, but until then,we named it,and fed it.Ms. Muscovy was a shy duck,not as friedly as runner.she would keep her distance,and if you had food she wouldn't hiss and raise her feathers. later,we figured out she had a Niacin deficiancy,and she would limp. we went to 2 stores, then we found one that sold the right niacin.we got home and for a few days we would give her niacin in bread..later, we trapped her,and got her into a very large dog kennel,and fed her niacin daily. she didn't like it and wasn't eating,so we let her go. she was doing better, but one day when i got home from school i was told that she was attacked by otters :([​IMG]


    more coming soon!

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  1. lcertuche
    I hope to get a couple muscovy girls and a drake early next year. I know someone nearby that has some she would probably sell to me, but at $15 a piece it will be awhile.
  2. Flock Master64
    Congrats on POW
  3. Fluffers
    when i made this BYC kept saying the title already existed so there are 3 copies of this with different names.

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