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By cleopatra · Jul 19, 2013 · Updated Jul 23, 2013 · ·
  1. cleopatra
    We have 5 chickens in our flock. In June 2012 we got our first 3 chickens - one red sex link, one black sex link EE, and an americauna.



    This is Gingerbread. She's our red sex link and our alpha hen. She is very outgoing and eats like a pig. If I had to describe her in one word, it would be "bold". We get extra large brown eggs from her daily. Her biggest egg ever weighed 3.7 ounces and was a double yolker - yum!


    This is Cleopatra, our black sex link EE. Cleo is Gingerbread's best friend. When we picked her out, she was the only BSL left. The other pullets were picking on her and had plucked out most of her head and neck feathers. She was pretty ugly, but I wanted one black and one red. Plus, I felt sorry for her. The man assured me she'd turn out to be a beautiful hen, so we took her home. After a few weeks her head and neck feathers all grew back and we noticed her fluffy muffs and beard. What a surprise that we got an EE! We call her our peace, love, hippy chicken because she's so laid back and just goes with the groove. She lays pretty olive green eggs.


    This is Blue, our Americauna. Blue is a very friendly chicken to everyone except other chickens. She doesn't like new girls joining the group, and we have to keep our eye on her for at least a month to make sure she isn't bullying them. She likes hanging out with us humans more than her flock mates. She lays very pretty blue eggs.


    In April of 2013 we got 2 new girls, Sienna our Welsummer, and April our Silver Laced Wyandotte. These two are hard to photograph separately because they are always together. They're almost 6 months old now (right photo), and we are impatiently waiting for our first eggs from them.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I hope you enjoyed my presentation!

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  1. mrstodd
    love that the Wyandotte and Welsummer hang out together. beautiful flock :)
  2. cleopatra
    Thanks Whittni. I fixed the missing "L". Good eye - I must have proofed that at least 3 times!
  3. Whittni
    Cute (check Cleopatra's profile and you'll see a missing "L")
  4. cleopatra
    Thanks all! I can't wait to add the welsummer color to my egg basket. It should be soon since she's been squatting for us for about 3 days now. I enjoy everything about these girls and their eggs.
  5. Chickens R Us
    Very nice looking ladies you have there, I would like a Welsummer just for the dark eggs.
  6. Brookliner
    I bet your egg basket will be spectacular
  7. Brookliner
    Beautiful hens

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