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By Lostchicken · Jan 12, 2018 · ·
  1. Lostchicken
    Some of my birds I know like the Bared Rock, New Hampshire, Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster, I think the two red with white tails are sexlink, the spotted one with the white head and neck I think is a Fayoumi hen, then one black Australorp, and two or three Ameraucana hens. I took these with my cell phone. I cannot use my camera cause it says the picture file is to big and will not transfer.
    IMG_0674.jpg IMG_0675.jpg IMG_0677.jpg IMG_0646.jpg IMG_0639.jpg

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  1. AbisChicks16
    Beautiful flock. How is the temperament of your Egyptian Fayoumi? I have an almost 2 yr old hen. I wish she would let me love her. I got her as a day old chick, but she has always been sketchy.
    1. Lostchicken
      Mine is named grouchy bird. She is my wife's favorite and she will be on the nest laying her egg and my wife can raise up the lid and pet her the whole time she is on the nest. My birds are for the most free range and we don't have much hands on but she will come up to you and eat.
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