My Learning Curve is getting better

By Lostchicken · Jan 13, 2018 · ·
  1. Lostchicken
    I have had my chickens since June when I finally finished my coop and chicken pen. This has been the best place for information that I have found, and I really enjoy learning from what other chicken flock raisers have posted. The information has been very helpful. I ready a lot of books and magazine articles on chickens, but nothing other than hands on experience can replace what I have learned here. Keep up the great articles.

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  1. matt14132
    Speaking of hands on experience and learning curves, I have a question for you.

    Not sure if this is the proper section to ask a direct question....

    I see in the pictures here that your chickens are walking around on the concrete pad and picking at treats.

    I have one of similar size in my backyard and was wondering what you do to keep it somewhat clean? My chickens like to sit near me when Im outside and I spend time on the pad cause there is a table and chairs.

    I have began to notice over time, the chicken poop builds up quite a bit on the pad and then I start dragging it into the house which doesn't smell nice. (I now keep a special pair of boots dedicated just for mud and "bird stuff" that I don't bring into the house, lol)

    I bought a pressure washer in hopes that I can blast it all off of the concrete and into the grass.

    The main thing I am wondering here is if you run into the same issue ever and if you have come up with some methods of cleaning the concrete to keep down on the poop?

    Beautiful birds by the way!:)
    1. Lostchicken
      when it drys I can sweep most of it off. then I do what you are going to do with the pressure washer. It comes up pretty easy.
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  2. ChickNanny13
    In total agreement! BYC is informative with member that are knowledgeable through experience!
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