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By pattyhen · Jul 25, 2016 · ·
  1. pattyhen
    We have been practicing zero population growth which is very hard to do when you have ducks and chickens. You always get that hen that would love to hatch some little ones. Then there is Tractor Supply and Rural King that have all the baby chicks and ducks. They are so tempting to buy. I was doing really good avoiding the area where the chicks are and I was proud of myself. Then one day my husband goes to Rural King to buy chicken food. He comes home with a little box you know the kind that has babies inside. He hands me the box and I look inside and there sit two raccoon looking birds inside. He says their guineas. I've seen one guinea at a state fair and I know nothing about them. This was March 26, 2016 the day we got them. I researched all I could on byc about them. The more I read the more terrified of what these two were going to grow up to be. Noisey critters , when you freerange they could take off and you never see them again. Some people even described them as being criminals, robbing stores and drinking and smoking.

    Here are my innocent babies my grandson named them Spiderman and Mary Jane. We tried to hold them everyday to socialize them. They loved being held and cruising around the livingroom. At four weeks old I let them go outside in a pen they loved that.

    They grew and grew and changed so much. Spiderman loves to be held and petted. Mary Jane will sit beside you and you can pet her but she's not the lap guinea like Spiderman is.
    Yes they can be noisey at times I call it their machine gun voice. I love my guineas and much friendlier then my ducks.

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  1. GlennLee
    Just found this... very nice story and pictures, Patti! I think you'll have to add one of Mary Jane soaking in the tub. :)
  2. Cluckcluck1215
    So cute pattyhen!
  3. pattyhen
    Thank you very much.
  4. Whittni
    Very cute!
  5. RodNTN
    Aww, glad you shared the pictures! Your guineas are beautiful!
  6. WVduckchick
  7. Miss Lydia
    Thanks for sharing pattyhen. Love those pics..

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