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By MotherAmanda · Oct 31, 2013 · Updated Nov 1, 2013 · ·
  1. MotherAmanda
    I have 1 Americana named Meri (Great girl. Follows me like a dog. I think I can even give her commands like a dog lol. Not skittish.Talks her head off. Lays her eggs in the bunny food on my back porch. Great layer! Love this girl) Picked up from the feed and seed.

    1 silkie, Snowball, Will stay close by, Chats some (very quietly), but doesn't want to be touched. Not my favorite. Not laying yet. Started laying today(few days shy of 26 weeks) :) Maybe I should have started talking about her sooner lol.Hatched Mother's Day week '13. Ordered from Meyers.

    1 SL Polish. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hen!!! She isn't a hold me hen, but does follow me around desperately trying to tell me some urgent news. I love how she jerks her head around. I do not notice her not seeing well as much as she just seems slow. She is not skittish. She is not laying yet. Hatched Mothers Day week '13. Ordered from Meyers.

    here is my list of the chickens I want. If anyone has info they think is pertinent please share.
    (in the order of importance)
    BLR Wyandotte
    Jersey Giant
    WCB Polish
    Salmon Faverolles
    White Sultan
    Black Copper or Cuckoo Maran
    maybe (I'm only supposed to have 10 chickens but may sneak in a few more)
    Blue Americana
    Easter Egger
    Olive Egger
    I really want my egg basket colorful and different sized eggs. I plan to use Meyers again. The chickens I have are all very docile.

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  1. Trefoil
    I think the blue wheaten ameraucanas are beautiful. I have a few columbian wyandotte roosters, they are very personable, and big. I also have 2 white jersey giants pullets, a very pretty bird.
  2. chickenboy190
    Looks good to me! :~D
  3. MotherAmanda
    I need to borrow a Maran roo and get a 'bator too. Cause I gotta have an OE! LOL. I may be willing to AI if I could figure that out...
  4. TaraBellaBirds
    I adore my SLW, just the shape of their bodies is enough to make them a must have. I also have some BJGiants and they are great, not all that friendly but they are good layers and their "growls" crack me up! I am with you on the EE OE and Amerucanas, their is someone on BYC that sells some beautiful Wheatens and Marans that I am so covetous of. I hope to have a 'bator after the first of the year and start hatching! Good luck!
  5. ChemicalchiCkns
    Be advized some People and their firms Openly confuze Americanas with easter Egg cycens.

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