me and my father made a incubator out of a plastic tub so i had to buy another plastic tub for a hatcher and this is how i made it :)
things you'll need.
Plastic Tub With Lid (50 ltr) £4:88
Hygrometer £3:99
Thermometer £3:99
Light Bulb (im useing a 100watt light bulb) come in a pack of 5 for £1:00
Dish/Little Tub For Water : Already Had
Kitchin Roll For The Bottom Of The Incubator/Hatcher : Already Had
Wire : Already Had
these are the things (pics)


the tub

cut a hole in the middle of the lid so the light can go into

i lined the bottom with kitching roll

my hygrometer

i stuck it to the side

this is my water dish (i put wire over the top of it and got sharp ends out)

i put these to things in the hatcher/incubator (couse im using this as a hatcher and i only got 2 eggs due in a few days i put these to things in there so the eggs wont roll under the light and get to hot)

light bulb


and the finished hatcher/incubator


i'll update this if my 2 chicken eggs hatch this will be my hatcher the 2 eggs go into lockdown on the 1st of july and thay hatch on the 4/5th of july :)
and here's the update i hatched 4 iindian runner babies in this :D and 2 chicken eggs and 1 duck egg hatched in my bator (same as this really) so a 90% hatch rate wow awesome :)
hope u enjoyed & thanks for looking :)