My Little Coop

My little coop is going into my little side yard and so the size was limited by the space we have. I designed the coop and my husband (bless him!) took them and worked from there. Our plans changed as we went along due to several reasons and of course we realized that the orientation of the coop was going to be different than we originally thought. I expect to have four to six chickens living there (have 8 babies in my house right now!) in a month or so.


the floor plan


the front view


the side view

This is the very beginning of the coop. Size is approximately 4' x 9'

The siding is recycled from an old fence we had torn down. The window is an old transom window that had been in our garage for years (the previous owner left it there). Most of the wood was recycled, but the screen door, hardware cloth and tin roof was new.


We opted for one big door for access to the nesting boxes.


The inside isn't finished yet but I'm trying out my nesting "boxes"


We haven't painted the outside yet, nor built a gate behind it to keep out the dogs.


Of course the name is not original, but the sign is an original by me! Recycled scraps from another project.


from l to r - 4 week old Wheaten Maran, Black Ameraucanas, 6 week old Partridge Silkie, Blue Maran