Chicken Tractor in The Holy City of Charleston
Here's my brand new chicken tractor!! It was inspired by The Nags Head in the chicken tractor section of coop designs (thank you, Erin!!!). I have three black sex links and they seem very pleased with their new home.
My coop was built by local craftsman, James Baldwin ([email protected]). This was the first coop he'd ever designed and built . I was able to tell him what I'd wanted (after many hours of research on BYC) and he did it! I have a counter-weighed pop-door, two nesting boxes, three windows, lots of ventilation and I am able to move it and the run all by myself. I am in the city (shhhhh...don't tell) so the predators I was most worried about were my own two dogs and two cats! The run is finished in rabbit wire with a heavy gauge plastic netting covering the whole structure. It's more than I'd imagined and I could not be more pleased with it!!!!
The materials were a mixture of old pressure-treated lumber that had been lying around, roofing material that I found on the side of the road, rabbit wire a neighbor gave me, windows from my Habitat store ($3 each) and new lumber, siding and PVC pipes from Lowe's. It was not inexpensive but I was able to save a little on some materials and I'm so pleased with it that it feels like a bargain!!!!
Thanks for looking, Hallie

PS If you'd like to see more images of my coop, go to and by the way, those "predators" (my two dogs and two cats) get along with my chickens like you'd not believe ...and like I never expected!