These Standard BBS Cochin Eggs were my Valentines Day Present from my wonderful Husband!
What a Guy!!
(Eggs from a BYCer, Thanks KristinH)

(Scroll down to see the GIFT!)

Mom's not the only one with her nose to the glass
This is one of my 3 Boxers, his name is Johnny!

Waiting for the chicks to hatch!!

So here they are my beautiful BBS Standard Cochin Eggs in the hatcher!

The First Chick to Zip!!

Here is our first little chick! Yay!

Oh The little fuzzy!

Awe still waiting :)

The Last to Hatch so far.
First time opening up the bator after the hatch!!

They're in the Brooder, Yay!!!

Here's the Gift inside!! Yay