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My Oreo Cookie

  1. chickenpooplady
    Oreo is a 1 year old Barred Plymouth Rock hen. She is one of my four chickens.

    Last December my uncle moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio and decided to start a farm. The first thing that he did was buy 68 chicks from Mount Healthy Hatchery. However, he did not have the land for the chickens so I raised them for him in my garage and then garden. They provided an amazing amount of compost and our garden has never been better. Five months later the pullets were ready to go out to the farm. As a thank you for raising the flock my uncle let me keep my four favorite girls. We picked out two barred rocks and two buff orpingtons.


    Here are my girls. From left to right, Buttercup, Mrs. Chicken, Oreo, and Cami.

    Oreo is the friendliest of the four. When I come out to feed them in the morning Oreo is always right behind me, jumping for the food. Unlike the other three she does not mind being by herself, but is definitely the leader of the flock. She is always the first to find something good to eat. When she does, she lets the others know about it.

    Oreo is also a great layer. She is the only one of my hens who is still laying in the winter.


    Oreo sitting in the cherry tree last summer.

    [​IMG] Thanks for reading!

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  1. One Chick Two
    Great story! Love the girls on the bike. : )
  2. blondiebee181
    Great girls! I love my BR, she's such a sweet hen
  3. kschicks
    Oh she and the other three girls are so pretty. Congratulations!
  4. Troy6671
    That bicycle picture is soooooo sweet!
  5. rendezvous1838
    Cute picture of the ladies on a bike!
  6. sophiesmith
  7. chickenpooplady
    Thanks everyone!
  8. ComfortChickens
    Such a fun article to read! Thanks for sharing! Also, beautiful pics!
  9. keshahen
    I had a hen like Oreo, but she passed just over a week ago. Her name was Ke$ha. :(
  10. mutt-chicks

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