My KFC Bucket of Chicken Picture... :D

My chickies are more like pets than just food providers at my house. Here's Ariel (Rhode Island Red) when she was about 4 weeks old. She's kinda my first of the flock. My actual first pet chicken (also a RIR) was accidentally killed as a 3 week old in a moving ceiling fan. Her name was Merida, and my daughter was so heartbroken over her loss I went out the next day to the feed store and got little Ariel. About two weeks after I got Ariel I started to realize that she really needed another friend of a feather. Having Ariel by herself was just a little too much for me to handle because she is very demanding of affection and started to literally get between me and my daughters! So I found a local farmer that was selling baby Black Stars and I got my second little baby, Jasmine (I call her Jazzie). It took about two days and probably two hundred pecks from Ariel for them to become BFFs, and then thankfully I was a little less in demand as Ariel's constant

companion. After having the two chickens in the house it quickly became an overwhelming task to constantly clean up after them. I love them dearly, but enough was enough so I built them their very own home, complete with a white picket fence!

My little Ariel (the RIR) and Jasmine (the Black Star)

just checking up on some of the latest info

I just got my third little baby girl... a Barred Rock named Belle. Or at least I'm hoping she's a "she". I got her from a feed store that sold her as a straight run. I think she's a pullet... what do you think? The pictures are a little fuzzy because she just can't sit still!

I think I'm done adding to my flock, unless Belle really turns out to be a "Beau" then I'll have to get a replacement "Belle". I want to stay in good graces with the neighbors so I don't want any roosters in my flock. We'll have to see in the next few weeks!

Just a few more pics my daughter and I took...

Now my 3 little ladies have all grown up!

Turns out Belle is a girl! Whew!

Ariel laid her first egg the week before Thanksgiving 2013. I'm still waiting on Jazzie and Belle to deliver. I guess I'll have to wait until spring when there's more light.

Jazzie finally started paying
her rent
(1/20/2014) -->

I just got two new babies today (1/17/2014), they are day-old Easter Egger's. I can't wait until they start laying! The yellow one is Sophia and the chipmunk one is Tiana.

Here they are now at one week old and their tail feathers have just started to come in today!