My Reseach On Rhode Island Red Chickens

By vintageozarks · Feb 8, 2012 · ·
  1. vintageozarks
    Why I am Writing This Article

    After studying dozens of breeds of chickens, I have decided to get either Rhode Island Reds or New Hampshire Reds. This article will be about the pros and cons of both breeds. I know I want lots of good tasting brown or tan eggs, even in the winter here in Missouri.

    Both of these chickens can provide that. But I am now going to explore the difference between Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshire Reds concerning free roaming, personalities, ability to endure cold, and also meat quality.

    New Hampshire Reds

    According to Wikipedia, the New Hampshire Reds "dresses a nice, plump carcass as either a broiler or a roaster." New Hampshire Reds also make good mothers and brood their own chicks (I like that). They lay large brown eggs. Young chicks also feather up rapidly (I like that, too). They are also competitive and aggressive. They look more reddish-blonde than deep red.

    Rhode Island Reds

    Rhode Island Reds are much brighter red. They also lay large brown eggs. Rhode Island Reds have a friendlier reputation, also. (good for me). They are tough, good foragers, don't get sick much, However, they don't do well in winter weather without help with a heater. Both hens and roosters have been known to kill a fox or dog intruder. (that's good). They have strong family ties and bond well with their owner.

    I am now leaning heavily towards the Rhode Island Red chicken breed. They are beautiful.

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  1. Katcynth
    I have NHR's and they chase my two German Shepherd's and two cats... I don't have a Roo but I could totally imagine one able to fight a dog.... they really go after my two dogs with no fear whatsoever... Mine aren't the friendliest but they run to me and have to be around me whenever I'm outside so they are social.. or just really nosy... lol.. I can pick them up.. they don't "like" it per say but they tolerate me... This is my first time owning chickens and I love the NHR's I have, they all six have a different personality and are little sassypants for sure! lol..
  2. Keltara
    Not to discount any of your research, but it seems that you are looking for a special breed to choose from that is a good layer, winter hardy, beautiful, kind disposition and also fit for the pot. I would love for you to read my review on Buff Orpington's. It may just change the direction that you are headed. Please click here before you make your final decision and see my review. Also you can see more of this amazing breed on my blog by clicking here. Good luck!
  3. vintageozarks
    Thank you 'sunny' for the great little story about your various chickens. Now I no longer know for sure that I will get either the RIRs or the NHRs. I've never even heard of Dark Brahmas so I'm going to check them out.
  4. sunny & the 5 egg layers
    I have a New Hampshire Red. She is really good egg layer of a speckled tan egg. She is also the only hen of mine who will sit backwards in the nesting box and let you watch her as she lays her egg. She also is the first hen to come when I call them for treats and seems to be really good at finding bugs on the firewood. She is really tall and skinny though and I couldn't imagine her having much for meat on her. But my Jersey Giant on the other hand... she's got some junk in her trunk. Lol. My New Hampshire isn't too cuddly and will put up a fight to be picked up. My Dark Brahmas on the other hand will fall asleep on your lap.. for hours and I finally have to wake them up because I cannot sit all day long with a chicken on my lap. Lol! Take Care Now!
  5. vintageozarks
    About the RIR killing a fox or dog, I too found that amazing and did not see it myself. But at least it means they'd put up a fight and that might give me time to rescue them. I lost two chickens (ornamental bantams) to neighbors dogs so it is important to get chickens this time that will raise some noise. Disappointed to hear RIR's don't do well in heat because in the Missouri Ozarks we do get humid heat in the summer. Thank you.
  6. Mahonri
    My RIRs have not done well in the heat.... and I can't imagine ANY chicken killing a fox or dog intruder.

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