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By Disco Hen · Mar 20, 2012 · Updated Mar 20, 2012 · ·
  1. Disco Hen
    We have a total of seven chickens.
    We have a frizzle cochin bantam rooster (Spike), a cochin bantam hen (Misty), a japanese (Chloe), a d'uccle (Blue Belle, a barred rock (Bitsy), a golden laced wyandotte (Jypsy), and a americana (pudgy).

    Name: Chloe
    Age: about 9 or 10 months
    Personality: Very sweet and love to go broody
    She was raised, and same age as Misty

    Name: Bitsy
    Age: about 2 and a half years
    Personality: Very sweet, and love to come into the house for attention
    She is head of the pecking order for the standard chickens
    Name: Gigi (R.I.P)
    Age: She lived till about 3 years
    Personality: She wasn't very people friendly, buy loved to go broody
    She had 2 other sisters Frenchy, and Coco (RIP for both)
    Name: Blue Belle
    Age: 11 or 12 months
    Personality: even though we got her when she was an adult and she hadn't been hand raised she still loves to be held
    She is Spikes half sister
    Name: Spike
    Age: 11 or 12 months
    Personality: Very sweet and takes very good care of his bantam ladies, and always let them eat first
    He is Blue Belles half brother
    Name: Misty
    Age: 9 or 10 months
    Personality: Loves to be held and doesn't even move when you approach, loves to go broody
    She was hand raised with Chloe
    Name: Jypsy (golden laced wyandotte)
    Age: about 2 years
    Personality: lets you pick her up, but if you have food she will attack you! (no kidding)
    Raised with Pudgy

    Name: Heny (RIR) RIP
    Age: about 2 and a half years
    Personality: probably the friendliest RIR I have ever met
    Misty, and Chloe
    Spike and Misty

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  1. Disco Hen
    Ya Blue Belle had a d'uccle mother,spike didn't. But they had a frizzle dad and blue belle was flat feathered. We think Spike has a little silkie in him because of his head, and most silkies have one extra toe on each foot, so does he.
  2. allmychickens
    ooohhh!!! Blue bell is D'uccle! srry I read it wrong!! But I still dont think spike is pure....
  3. allmychickens
    well bluebell cant be a true americauna, she has feathered feet! and spike has the wrong comb to be a cochin... plus if they re related they are mutts... VERY cute
  4. Disco Hen
    If anyone has questions about any of these breeds, just ask :)
  5. Disco Hen
    Cool, and thanks, I love them all! What breed is your chicken named Chloe??
  6. chloezoebob101
    Those are adorable! ( i too have a chicken named chloe!)

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