Breed Details:
Sebastopol Geese are an ornamental breed with little value as meat or egg production birds. Laying only 20-40 eggs per year with feathers difficult to pluck, it is a pleasant breed to own as a pet or to exhibit in shows. Adult male Sebastopols weigh 12-14 pounds, with adult females weighing 10-12 pounds. Sebastopols are well known for having calm, complaisant temperaments. They are relatively quiet geese with some individuals speaking little to not at all. I personally, have never heard of a Sebastopol Goose attacking a human being. As brood animals, fertility rate tends to be low in the breed (but varies in individual geese). Sebastopol genetics are very complicated. Many colors can be produced and refined. Colored Sebastopols (at current) are not able to be shown due to having been out crossed with different breeds of geese to produce colored offspring. The ideal show goose is the purest of white with long, curled feathers evenly distributed over the body. Smooth breasted Sebastopols are not to be shown (resembling the Embden breed). The longer the feathers- the better. The ideal show goose would have feathers touching the ground- the curl of the feathers extending up the bird's lower neck. The bird would be in excellent body condition- with no keel. The condition of the feathers is of utmost importance, as well as daily bodily exams for any abnormalities covered by the feathers. Fresh bathing water must be offered daily along with clean, cool drinking water at all times. Sebastopol geese do best on a high quality feed containing niacin. Grass, leafy greens, vegetables, and bits of fruit are graciously accepted and do the bird good. Main Image, Adult Male Image, Adult Female Image Courtesy / Permissions of Brice Wonders and