Black Javas at 12 weeks old and 29 weeks

Two pics of my green roo (update: My green roo was lost to a neighbor dog.)

Two pics of my 12 wk orange roo.

Two pics of my 12 wk yellow roo. It seems a little different from the other two, so I guess I'm hoping this is not a roo.

Quite a difference in the development of the comb and wattles in these two.

29 week old Javas

This is my 29 wk old yellow banded Black Java Rooster
Below is his orange banded brother, believe it or not....

29 week old java rooster

This is my 12 week black hen.

My only surviving Java hen, at 29 weeks. She's all black. Foraging while other breeds are at the scratch pile.

My poor beautiful mottled gal has a slipped achilles tendon.
She's not growing as fast as her sister, so I'm not sure as to her future.
(update: She hid outside the pen one night, and an owl found her.)

Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock roo (21 weeks, 18 months)

21 weeks 18 months
misc. pics:

She hangs out next door with this fella and brings him over once in a while for a stroll.

Java, Black and Mottled


They fought till they were laying down next to each other, then it was over for good.
The Blue OEG is alpha over the OEG/Ameraucana cross, and now they get along fine.
I haven't seen a rooster fight since this one a year ago.

Delaware chicks

Betsy EE

Chickenstock 2011

Sir Percy, Avenger

Sir Percy WK , and the girls he saved from THE HA