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By MysticChocobo · Nov 19, 2017 · Updated Sep 18, 2018 · ·
  1. MysticChocobo
    ~My Hens~

    Name: Silver
    Breed: Whiting True Blue
    Silver is well... Shes a pain in my butt. I don't like her at all, but shes the only hen we have who produces eggs at the moment so we keep her. She bullies everyone in the flock especially Lily. She doesn't like me and I don't like her, the feeling is mutual.
    Name: Vixen
    Breed: Buff Orpington and Jubilee Orpington Mix
    Vixen doesn't like me, shes pretty much terrified of me so I keep a distance from her. Even though I want to pet and cuddle her all the time.
    Name: Lily
    Breed: Buff Orpington and Jubilee Orpington Mix
    Lily is very sweet. Shes quite flighty though, but she tolerates me enough to let me walk past her and very rarely pick her up. Shes quite disabled because of her broken leg from a coyote attack back in 2017, rendering her incapable of walking very well.
    ~New Chicks~

    Name: Isaac
    Breed: Isabel Orpington
    Isaac loves to follow me everywhere I go. He loves cuddles and he loves jumping on my shoulder to lookout over his flock. Hes one of the sweetest boys I've had.
    Name: Cyber
    Breed: Isabel Orpington
    Cyber loves to follow me around and dance around me. Hes a sweet boy and I love him and his striking eyes.
    Name: Silva (named after an anime character)
    Breed: Isabel Orpington
    Silva is very sweet and he follows me around everywhere. He has an odd gait when he walks around and I think hes slightly disabled because of that, but that adds even more to his personality.
    Name: Isabella
    Breed: Isabel Orpington
    Isabella is very sweet and loves cuddles and pets. She follows me everywhere and jumps up on my lap every so often.
    Name: Mena
    Breed: Isabel Orpington
    Shes quite shy,but she follows me sometimes. I named her Mena because when the little ones were chicks, one of my friends spelled 'mean' wrong. Once he did, another one of my friends jumped and said 'MISTY NAME ONE OF THE CHICKS MENA!' Now that the little ones are older I named this one Mena :p.
    Name: Penguin
    Breed: Silver Laced Orpington
    Penguin is sweet and follows me everywhere but hes still pretty shy and doesn't like being handled.
    Name: Gentleman or Gent
    Breed: Silver Laced Orpington
    Gent is very sweet and likes me a lot. He will allow pets once in a while and hes loves cuddles. Hes very gentle to the hens and treats them all very well, therefore he was named Gentleman.
    Name: Twilight
    Breed: Silver Laced Orpington
    Shes very sweet but also skittish. She tolerates pets once in a while.
    Name: Starry
    Breed: Silver Laced Orpington
    She is very sweet and follows me everywhere. Sometimes jumping up on my lap so she can get pets and cuddles. She can be distinguished from Twilight because of the darker feathers on her head.
    Name: Snow
    Breed: Silver Laced Orpington (Color Mutation)
    Snow is sweet but skittish, but she follows me around sometimes, and she gets pets even though she might not want to.

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  1. Rose Quartz
    I love isaacs barring
    1. MysticChocobo
      Ikr! Hes so pretty and cuddly, I hope he keeps them when he gets his adult feathers. :3
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  2. Abriana
    I’m sorry about your flock mystic :hugs hopefully you can get more soon. Silver is beautiful
    1. MysticChocobo
      I will in March :D
      And ty
      we might be getting rid of her because my dad doesnt want flight birds
  3. Cluckcluck1215
    My deepest condolences to your losses *hugs*
    May 2018 bring you new life.
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    1. MysticChocobo
  4. MillersFarm
    Oh i'm so sorry :hugs That's just terrible! I'll be praying you have a much better year than 2017. Silver is very beautiful and lucky :love:love
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    1. MysticChocobo
      Thank you Jamie I hope i have a better year also she is a beautiful hen :3
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  5. ChickNanny13
    :hit Sorry for your losses :hit I had to have my Mom's dog euthanized today, Vet was nice enough to come in from a day off. RIP Chiso, no more pain :hit
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    1. MysticChocobo
      Euthanizing a dog is terrible im so sorry for your loss :hugs and thank you
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  6. Better Than Rubies
    Your chicken is gorgeous.
    I'm sorry you lost your other pets. :hugs
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    1. MysticChocobo
      Thank you :3
      Its fine :I
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