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Naked Necks

By LauraSBale · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. LauraSBale
    • Class- Standard
    • Standard- Bantam
    • Colors- Black, Blue, Buff, Cockoo, Red, White
    • Comb Type- Medium with five upright points, Bright Red
    • Skin/Foot Color- Yellow
    • Wattles- Medium, Bright Red
    • Earlobes- Medium oblong, Bright Red
    • Clean/Feathered Feet- Clean
    • Number of Toes- 4
    • Other Physical Characteristics- No neck feather, or very little, less feather than other breeds about 40 to 50 less.
    • Egg Color- Brown, medium to large eggs, good layer
    • Weight- Cockle 8.5 lb, Hen 6.5 lbs. Bantam- Cockle 34 oz, Hen 30 oz
    • Conservation Study- Study
    • Cold Hardness- Fairly well
    • Broody/Mothering Ability- Excellent moms
    • General Temperament-
    • Additional Notes- They do great Free range, will tolerate confinement as long as they are not packed tightly. Easy to clean for meat due to they have less feathers. Dual propose. Since they have less feathers most of the protein in feed goes to egg laying and meat.
    1 Day 1 Day

    1 Week 1 Week
    2 Weeks 2 Weeks
    3 Weeks 3 Weeks
    4 Weeks 4 Weeks
    6 Weeks 6 Weeks
    8 Weeks 8 Weeks
    12 Weeks 12 Weeks
    [U]16 Weeks[/U] [U]16 Weeks[/U]
    [FONT=Times][SIZE=4] [U]Adult[/U] [U]Adult[/U][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [FONT=Times][SIZE=4][U] COLORS[/U]
    1. 4.
    2. 5.
    3. 6.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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