The New Brooder!
It's done! I have three weeks before the chicks arrive but now I know it's done and ready for the babies!
This is the open brooder. It's 3x3x2 feet. My hubby helped to build it. I put handles on it but it's so wide it won't fit out the door! The floor is vinyl but I'm going to put in some nonskid skid backing and then put papertowels over them so the babies won't slide around. This is where my desk once sat. When we moved the desk it pulled the paint off the walls and left holes, hence the spackle.

I saw, at this link:, about using river sand. What a great idea! Then I could just use a kitty scooper to take the poo out. Thanks Chicken Man! I'll have to put a lip around the inside to keep it all contained.

This is the brooder closed. It has a lip on the front where I've installed a lock to keep curious children out while I'm not watching.

I built this little manger as a way to give the kids greens and treats when they get a bit older.

This is dusting box, now empty, and the roosting pole which is only an inch or two off the floor. I'm going to take the box out until the chicks adjust to the space and then I'll add it in back with some fine sand. The roosting pole is fixed in place via screws and washers from the outside. By doing this, I have the ability to move the roost higher and away from the side of the brooder as the chicks grow.

And here is the finished product (before the box and roost)! The arm holding the heat lamp is from a piece of weight equipment that was taken apart due to under-use. The temp is right at 95 degrees where it's sitting. The arm of the piece of weight equipment (on the floor) sits between the two boxes holding up the brooder. The heat will be focused in the corner where it is and feed will be in the opposite corner. I'm happy with it. It came out just like I planned.