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I've been looking for some bantam chickens latly. So I sold my turkey pair for 30$ and a 'bantam hen'. The second I got this new hen I knew what she was a serama hen, she's the size of a pop can and mostly black, and wilder than heck. But I plan to change that. Anywho the next day: 12/01/11 I went to farm and purchased, well traded, two of my hens for 1 rooster and 2 hens of the phoenix breed of chicken. I had this all planned out: I took a roo and a hen of the trio and traded them to my friend Andrew for a sebright pair, a silver rooster and a golden hen. I kept the other phoenix hen as she came from the same flock as my already owned phoenix pair, they still know eachother. So far I love them even though Bottlecap the serama is wild and the sebrights are fairly tame to walk around but not to eat from hands.

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Whittni has Bachelor's degree in Agriculture with minors in Art and Communication. In her free time, she enjoys studying flock behavior and hopes to train as a poultry judge in the future.

Her favorite animals? Chickens of course! Whittni would like to revolutionize the outside stigma of poultry keeping and help economise backyard flock keeping. She also enjoys sewing, crafts, and traveling abroad.


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