New Chickens
I wish they were mine. No, they belong to my relatives. I recently visited them and discovered that I have a mad love for all things chicken. They have eight little banty chicks and six Rhode Island Red chicks. Really, really cute.
The chicks on their second day in their new home. Aren't they precious?
They are a lot bigger than that now. Their bodies are coated with feathers, but their necks and heads are still mostly fluffy chick down. Each day, though, the Rhode Island Reds are getting brown-red speckles on their heads. All of the chicks enjoy flying short distances, although they are not very adept at it. We think one of the Rhode Island Reds is a frizzle, because her feathers curl up at then ends. Since we can tell her apart from the others, she is the first one we have given a name. Only about one in every 48 chickens becomes a frizzle. Since they are growing so fast, one of the relatives has been working his tail off making the chicken coop. It's almost done!
The lovely coop.
One more picture before I sign off. This is another early one, taken soon after the chicks came home. In this one it is just the Reds. The box is what they came home in. It's a good place for them to play inside of.
Little bitty Reds in their temporary shelter.