Just started 2 weeks or so ago, and I only have a series of photos to annotate at this point. I will continue to edit as I can!

I didn't start with exact plans - I had a general plan in mind, similar to one my dad made in the 1980s when we got a few chickens from a friend.

In the barn I found a bunch of 1x3x12s, two 4x4x8s, and four 4'x8' 5/8" or 3/4" OSB - more than 1/2" though, and about 30 8"x8"x16" concrete blocks: a good start!

First we had to clear the area. This is almost the exact spot my grandfather had his chicken coop more than 50 years ago.

Then we removed some grass and leveled the soil.

When I started thinking things through, it turned out we needed to enlarge the area from the 8' x 8' that we started with - mostly because I am determined to make this as predator proof as possible, so I wanted to allow space for an apron and maybe the blocks.

At first I thought two OSBs for the roof and two for the floor, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted a combination coop/run with at least part of the ground exposed. Even now I haven't really made up my mind.

So off to Lowe's for more supplies!

Nice view!

The tarp came in handy to cover our Quikrete bags!

The 4"x4"s turned out to be rounded, so I bought some new sharp-edged ones, along with braces to connect the 2"x4"s I also bought. I also needed a longer hose to reach up the hill!

Although our technique was not perfect, we got the first post concreted in place!

We had been having a bit of rain, but my helper built himself a makeshift shelter, which I thought looked a bit like an altar, so I said a few prayers, praising the Universe for good weather!

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