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  1. puppies9099
    This is Nincompoop he is a Blue Wheaten Maran Rooster he was born in march of 2014 he has 6 sisters and 3 brothers out of a batch of 11 eggs Nincompoop has feathered legs and black eyes he is very beautiful but the reason why we named him Nincompoop is beacuse he is pretty Stupid but the hens adore him and his brothers his sisters are now laying but unfortunately i need to sell him in order to make room for a young rooster the hens in the 1st picture are from left to right
    Happy Feet
    Red Hen
    Deforse (Behind Wheaty)
    Lawnmower Layer ( They loved to lay under lawnmowers)
    I am trying to win POW i hope he wins i just don't have much to tell about


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  1. SugarPlum
    I think he's the best looking rooster I've seen!!! How about a more appropriate name:) just saying...
  2. puppies9099
    Thank you his dad is a splash Wheaten Maran and his mom a black copper maran
  3. Lozuufy
    He is a beautiful rooster!

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