Norwegian style chicken coop

Beautiful Coop, informative instructions, tons of photos - showing progression, hilarious chicken videos, and one fierce dog! ~ Thank you for sharing.
Very informative.
Great Coop Build!
This is a great coop! So many great aspects to it. Well thought out and constructed. Really like the feeder solution. What are the dimensions? I would like to replicate this in my coop. Any issues with wasted feed or rodents?
Excellent coop build!

It even has plans for an automatic pop door opener
This was a super fun article to read! All the detail, planning out really made it interesting and enjoyable.
Eggcelent coop ;)
This article is really fun to see the progression! I loved the chickens in the box photo! Also, love your dog and cats! The dog seems very proud of the chickens. And not surprising at all to see the video of the fox attack featuring HERO DOG! Great design with storage, fancy feeder, and all-around quality work for a challenging weather situation!! Inspiring!
Awesome coop !
Love the feeder idea. Great build overall.
I really like your feed box innovation. I plan to copy it in my coop as it looks like it would hold a 50 lb bag and require less frequent filling, a goal of mine. I was going to go with the pipe design, but I like the idea of making it out of wood.
Insulation in the floor was a neat idea, too. Hadn’t thought of that and will incorporate that idea in mine. My coop will be elevated over a “patio” for the chickens to be able to get outdoors in bad weather. We have rats and other critters, so I’ve used heavy hardware cloth under the patio stones that will wrap up and attach to the wooden run frame.
Your article has helped my firm up my design. Thanks for sharing your story.
PS: that dog saving the hen video is amazing!!!


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Great coop and beautiful pictures - loved it.
Greetings Gailens

For someone who, "didn't have any experience with carpentry", you did a fabulous job. This is one of the best set ups I have seen! Your property is absolutely beautiful, too. :pop

The photos tell a great story of your creativity, and hard work. You considered everything, the weather, the safety issues, and the physical needs of your birds. I couldn't see anything that could be done better, in the design, construction, or aesthetics of the coop. It is just beautiful! That camera set up is great. It was thrilling to see the video of the fox attack, and your dog rescuing the chicken! A great example, of how a dog can be a guardian of the chickens. :yesss:

Well done! Everything from the written article, the photos, the coop, to the camera set up, absolutely BRILLIANT!


God Bless :)
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Wow! Tremendous job! I really love all the well thought out details and the "smart" features too. Came out amazing!
Very nice coop. I especially love the camera and am totally jealous.

Hearing the excitement from the rooster just makes me smile. Thank you for sharing.
I don't know which is more impressive, that you HAVE a connected coop (with video cam, etc) or that you're the one who put the whole system together. Good for you! Also, very nice coop / run / setting. Amazing that you captured that fox attack on video!
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