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    I'm making a character page NOTE: STILL EDITING!


    Name: Winter
    Age: 2
    Gender: Female
    History: She became leader when her parents died.
    Picture/Description: Mostly black but one ear ir silver. Kind of pretty.
    Personality: Evil, Ruthless.
    Clan: Nightclan
    Specific clan: Moonclan
    Rank: Leader
    Mad or not(if Nightclan): Not
    Fear: Water
    Mate: Open
    Pups: Open
    Other: None

    Name: Lilya
    Age: 2
    Gender: Female
    History: Unknown
    Picture/Description: Light red with yellow paws and a white chest. Has Lily flowers draped over her. A very pretty young fox. Small.
    Personality: Always has a melancholy look about her. Kind of quiet.
    Clan: Dayclan
    Specific clan: Ivyclan
    Rank: Healer
    Fear: Big foxes
    Mate: None, open.
    Pups: None
    Other: None

    Name: Karnon
    Age: 3
    Gender: Male
    History: He was an excellent warrior fox in the Starclan, not very noticed, though. When he heard that a girl fox had killed their male leader, he became interested. When he saw Luna, he instantly fell in love with her. So far he's been too shy to talk to her yet.
    Picture/Description: A large, Muscular fox. Handsome and silver with black paws. And he has brown eyes.
    Personality: Brave and ruthless in battle, an excellent warrior. Caring to some pups.
    Clan: Nightclan
    Specific clan: Starclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Fear: Not being liked by pretty girl foxes
    Mate: Hopefully Luna.
    Pups: None
    Other: None

    Name: Kuno
    Age: 3
    Gender: Male
    History: Unknown
    Picture/Description: Pure red with big brown eyes. Brawny and strong.
    Personality: Kind, Caring, Brave
    Clan: Dayclan
    Specific clan: Sunclan
    Rank: Leader
    Fear: Nothing
    Mate: Katree?
    Pups: None, yet
    Other: None


    Picture/Description:She is Red with a White Chest and muzzle with black legs and tail.
    Personality:kind, Brave, Loyal
    Specific clan:
    Rank:Regilar fox
    Mad or not(if Nightclan):NO
    Fear:Water, she is afraid of drowning
    Mate:She wants VERY VERY badly(Jabba, could you maybe make a mate??)
    Pups:as well as above

    Age:1 1/2
    Picture/Description:she is the deepest dark red.Very rare, but the most beautiful.
    Personality:Kind and loving, but will stand her ground.
    Specific clan:NightClan
    Fear:Huge male foxes, she is deathly afraid of them.
    Mate:She want one VERY VERY badly.Someone who will love her, protect her and her pups.She WANTS TO BE THE ONLY MATE
    Pups:None, wants badly.


    Name: Luna
    Age: 2
    Gender: Vixen
    History: Winters sister. Despises her sister after being thrown out of the clan. Worked hard to be excepted into the Starclan and then worked herself up the pecking order, eventually murdering the leader, to take control of the clan.
    Picture/Description: Beautiful with a sleak silver coat and dark brown eyes.
    Personality: Sly, clever, sometimes kind but mostly snappy and mean.
    Clan: Nightclan
    Specific clan: Starclan
    Rank: Leader
    Fear: Being alone in the world
    Mate: Wants a mate to help her rule the clan
    Pups: Wants some
    Other: none


    Age: 2
    Gender: Male
    History: Has a tough and dark history. Will only tell it to his mate.
    Picture/Description: Very handsome. Has a mahogany coat mixed with black. Very muscular and well-built for a fox.
    Personality: Confident, vicious, proud, caring for younger ones and pretty vixens
    Clan: Nightclan
    Specific clan: Moonclan
    Rank: Warrior
    Fear: Being beaten in battle
    Mate: Open, but wants true love. Luna?
    Pups: Wants some
    Other: none

    Age:1 yr/
    History:She was originally born into the evil clan, but moved to the good clan.
    Picture/Description:A beautiful blonde yellow fur with black nose, and black tips on her ears. The bottom half of her legs are black too.
    Personality:Quiet, caring, timid, submissive
    Specific clan:Sunclan
    Fear:Mean male foxes
    Mate:wants one that will protect her and her pups

    Age:1.5 yr.
    Picture/Description:All black, shines in the sun.
    Personality:Fierce, protective, calm when not fighting
    Specific clan:Moonclan
    Fear:Of losing a battle


    Name: Silver
    Age: 1 month
    Gender: Female
    History: no one knows, her included
    Picture/Description:  Light gray with slightly darker stripes
    Personality: Clueless
    Clan: none
    Specific clan: none
    Rank: Healer, but doesn't know yet
    Fear: being alone
    Mate: none
    Pups: none
    Other: is still a pup, doesn't know what much is, besides what she has discovered is not etitable. 

    Name: Chase
    age: 3 yrs
    gender male
    History: came here from the mountain foothills, planning to find more food here, but he senses there is something strange going on here.He has been a dayclan member for 1 year and 1/2.
    :Red Fox, Wildlife, Nature, Predator
    personality: smart,humorous, brave-ish
    clan: Dayclan
    specific clan: sunclan....?
    rank: healer
    fear: wolves
    mate: none
    pups: none
    username: Fluffers

    Name: Sapphire
    age: 2
    gender female
    history: none
    pic/desc: normal arctic fox, evergreen leaves over her back
    personality: brave bold smart
    clan: Ivyclan or starclan?
    spec clan Starclan?
    rank: regular
    fear: cliffs, hights
    mate none yet
    pups none yet
    other none


    Name: Cosmo
    Age: 3
    Gender: Male
    History: Cosmo was born and raised in Sunclan with his fighter as a father. But, he adored and was very in love with the healing arts of herbs and what mother nature could offer to heal. He did learn to fight like his father wanted, but learned better skills as a healer. When his old Clan Leader caught a strange plague he found a cure with the help of other healers. He is known to be very crafty at healing, but there is a few sad times when he failed.
    Picture/Description: Golden fur with red ear tips, and white tip tail. Two different shaded of eye color, one brown the other green.
    Personality: Caring, determined to get things done, creative, mad with local foliage, happy and very gentle. He is snappy from not getting enough sleep at times.
    Clan: Sunclan
    Specific clan:
    Rank: Healer
    Fear: Loosing more then healing
    Pups: One time had a pair of kits.
    Other: Wouldn't mind loving again.

    Name: Ruby
    Age: 3 years
    Gender: Vixen
    History: Ruby wasn't always raised in Ivy Clan, she was an orphan outcast. Her foster parents were strong and very clever warriors, but not very kind. Probably because of them being fierce leaders. Ruby walked in their footsteps since the alpha female was fertile. Her foster parents pretended that Ruby was their birth daughter to the other clan members so they wouldn't be striped of their rank for not being able to produce. It wasn't long before Ruby became the loyal, honest leader her foster parents weren't.
    Picture/Description: Cinnamon Fox with highlights of gold down her back and around her face. Piercing amber yellow eyes. White tip tail. Has a lotus behind her fiery left ear with a few vines draping down.
    Personality: Hardheaded, quite harsh with some of her clan members, Very loyal, clever, brave, determined. Has a very soft, and caring side after going through the prickly part.
    Specific clan:Ivy
    Fear:Loosing her clan members, and being controlled.

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