Cutiechook1's best BYC buddies!

By cutiechook1 · Aug 18, 2016 · Updated Aug 29, 2016 · ·
  1. cutiechook1
    @Alexandra33 - Amari is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet! She loves to chat and post pictures of her chickens!

    @chicken4prez- Lily is Awesome!!! She loves her chicken Muffin and has a sweet silkie named after her!

    @austrolover1- Well..... Let's just say we go WAY back together!

    @chickenlover200- Isabel is a sweet girl who plays the violin like me! She also created the awesome chicken book!

    @RodNTN- I just Love getting on Isabella's photo contests! They are so unique!!

    @summerb123- Summer is an awesome friend who likes to get on the breed games.

    @cluckcluck1215- Kyndra makes the awesomest role plays ever and is so nice!!

    @Garjzla- She is the founder of Golden oaks role play. The awesomest, and my first, role play ever!!!

    @Henny1129- Abbey is my first BYC buddy on BYC. She also was the first to welcome me. She is so awesome!!!!

    I love you all and thank you for making my time on BYC so special!!! NOTE: still editing.

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  1. summerb123
    x2 thanks! lol
  2. ChickenLover200
    Just saw this. Thanks!
  3. henny1129
    Thanks so much! Sorry I didn't see this sooner!
  4. austrolover1
    Thanks, Lil'!! :b
  5. RodNTN
    Thank you soo much!! *HUGS*
  6. Alexandra33
    Thank you sooooooo much, Lillian! <3 You and Emma are precious! *HUGS*
  7. Cluckcluck1215
    Aww!thanks. But there not THAT good *blushies slightly.*
  8. chicken4prez
    Awww! Thank you so much!

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