Hey,enjoy my page! :)
my animals:
I am the proud owner of....
a beagle/German Shepard, he is VERY rtunately he has yeast in both ears & is pretty old. special, and unfo
I'll cry so hard when he goes.
a love bird that gets on my nerves sometimes.

a 1 year old orange tabby who is very cute & sometimes moody.
And the chickens: On April 5Th 2011 we got 22 chicks from Meyer hatchery (2 of them have died since then) 1 buff Orpington, 8 barred Plymouth rocks ♥, 7 new Hampshire reds, 2 golden laced Wyandottes,and 2 black Australorps!! We get a ton of eggs and I love it! ♥
Chickens are so cool! i ♥ Chickens!!..I need a shirt that says that, I would totally wear it. :p
I love my animals!! ♥
More about me~
I love hanging out with friends, family, & animals.
I have 5 other family members: a mom and dad, 2 sisters and 1 brother. And then there is the animals of course!
I am home schooled/cyberschooled! (which is awesome!!)
I want to become a veterinarian technician in the future.
I am part of COGWA.(the church of God a worldwide association)
I love music! Some of the artist/bands that I like are Taylor Swift, Francesca Battistelli, Plain White T's, Bruno Mars, Relient K, Go Radio, Mayday Parade, A Rocket To The Moon, Greenday, The Scene Asthetic... stuff like that, I pretty much like anything :)
I love tea! Any kind, I'm pretty much addicted. It's like I can't live without my tea in the winter time! Yeah and I don't like coffee. I think it's gross. You could just call me weird! :D
I like knitting, riding bikes, watching old mo, reading
, being on byc, talking, & laughing. (I literally laugh at everything!) :D I'm horrible when it comes to drawing & stuff though =/vies and shows

^^ I don't like newer movies as much ;) I like chitty chitty bang bang, the waltons d:, little house on the prairie, the sound of music, Mary Poppins...you get the picture....but my all-time favorite show is Heartland, which is a Canadian show, but I find my ways to watch it...by the way it's an awesome show about horses..you should watch it sometime! It's pretty much the only newer show I like. :D

I love Pennsylvania! :)
Thanks for visiting my page!