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Here on our 4.6 acre farm in Troy, New Hampshire (within sight of Mt Monadnock), we raise Dominique large fowl & bantam, Partridge Chanteclers, Narragansett Turkeys, and Silkies in Bearded Buff, Non-bearded Buff, and Bearded Blue & Splash. We recently got a pair of Silver Fox rabbits, which we are excited to be working with to help preserve another rare breed. We also have three Icelandic sheep, and will be raising Border Leicester fiber sheep.
Besides the above breeds, we have the odd assortment of ducks (1 Pekin hen - Aflac & a pair of Mallards - Hunter & Tori), a couple rescued Toulouse geese (Gus & Geri), one very rotund BBW turkey hen (Fatty Patty Boombalatty), a mixed breed rabbit (Beatrix Potter), plus a dog (Sully), cat (Freya), 2 rats (Lucy & Hazel), 2 African clawed frogs (George & Weezie), and a bunch of yet unnamed Sea Monkeys. :)
Besides poultry & other critters, my interests include vegetable, herb & flower gardening, hunting & fishing, web design, running my home party business, and spending time with my husband & kids. I have a son in the Marines (SEMPER FI!), stationed in San Diego, Califorina, and a stepson in the Army, currently stationed in Georgia.

Current News & Happenings

I wrote this poem a few years ago... I think we can all relate!

There's snow on the ground,
and the cold's still around.
But one day they arrive,
in threes and in fives.
The catalogs full of chooks,
even supplies, gifts and books!
Excitedly flippin' and pickin'
all the different chickens.
I'll get some Cochins and Orps,
Silkies, Marans... maybe Australorps.
And look at these Polish so silly,
and I just gotta have Millies!

The ring of the phone,
to the post office I'm going.
They've finally arrived,
all healthy and alive!
The lady at the PO,
smiles and says "here ya go!"
"This is the third time in two weeks,
you sure have lots of peeps!"

No sight could be cuter,
all the chicks in the brooder.
That's it! Can't have no more,
must get feed at the store.
Now at the counter with bucks,
what's that peeping, are those ducks?



Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Chickenstock on Sunday in Milford, NH was lots of fun. Many people brought poultry of all kinds, rabbits, supplies, crafts, soaps, goodies & more. We got a beautiful new Silver Fox doe from Gypsy, as well as a pair of button quail. We were able to sell or rehome every bird we brought except for one turkey jake. I'm happy to know that all my rehomed roos went to good pet homes.
On Monday our new Border Leicester ram, Prince Edward, arrived.He's a nice colored ram, and he's a real sweetheart. Very gentle and easy to lead around. I can't wait to see the lambs we get from him!


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
We were able to get a nice young Silver Fox doe at NH Chickenstock in September (thanks Gypsy!), and for my birthday in October, I was given a gorgeous young buck (thanks Cat!). So I am waiting impatiently for Spring to arrive (oh so far away!) so that we can formally introduce "Babs" & "Renard" and hopefully get some cute new babies.

We sold off our mixed breed rabbits to concentrate on the Silver Foxes, but we did end up keeping one doe that was born this past Fall. She's a pretty fawn colored doe that we named "Beatrix Potter," and she's Babs' roommate and buddy.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008
Friday, Ron & I went up to Zephyr Lake Park to try and catch the pair of Toulouse geese that someone abandoned. When they saw us, they swam right up for handouts, and ate the bread we tossed for them. We both had nets, and Ron was able to catch one of them. Once he got that one in the crate, he came back to help me with the other one. At one point I tried to head him off as he ran toward the water, but slipped on the wet grass and went down on my butt as the goose high tailed it for the water.

Of course he refused to come out and swam well out of reach with the local mallard ducks. We left for a bit and came back to find him back on shore, so we tried again. This time he went right over Ron's head and back into the lake. We hid and waited like a couple of lame hunters, but no way would he come back out again, so we gave up and brought the first goose home with us.

On Sunday, we went up to the lake again to try another go at catching the second goose. He was staying far away from the beach and hanging out by the vegetation with the ducks. So I decided to go around and head down the railroad tracks to try to get to where they were. I went down the bank and they swam away slowly, but I started tossing little pieces of bread into the water, and the goose turned around and started back my way. I was surprised and excited to see he was coming right up to me and even ate from my hand. So after a couple minutes, I squatted down and tossed a couple pieces down in front of me. He bent his head to eat them and I grabbed him by the neck. He let out a surprised HONK! and struggled just a little and settled right down as soon as I was holding him. I think he may have actually felt relieved ... one because I didn't eat him and two because he probably knows people are where the food and safety really come from.

When we got home, I reunited the pair, and the first goose started making soft little happy noises... they are definitely very happy to
be back together.

I have to thank this wildlife rescue guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu_KMGhAkbo for having some good videos on the best way to catch a goose. It definitely works well. :)

Here's a pic of the boys:

They're settling in well with the other birds and our Pekin duck Aflac (in background of pic) has taken to flirting with them. I think she's smitten. :)

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Sunday, April 13, 2008
I just bought myself a new toy ...

A Brinsea Octagon 40 from Double R Discount Supply!

It should be delivered sometime tomorrow... I am so excited!!
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