[FONT=verdana,geneva]In addition to the chickens we have three two cats, and a couple aquariums. We also have some baby starlings at the moment that were in a friends barn wall. I found our first cat in our yard, and she gave birth to a litter of four all black kittens shortly after we adopted her. We kept the smallest one, though he is larger than his mother now. He's a little neurotic, probably because he is nine years old and still lives at home with his mother. Here he is waiting quietly to be let in. Normally he is less patient.[/FONT]


[FONT=verdana,geneva]And here is his mother, sleeping in the garden. This is her favorite hobby, followed closely by sitting on anything that has just been planted.[/FONT]


[FONT=verdana,geneva]OrangeCat was our third cat, he passed away just a little bit ago. He was a stray too, and very sweet. He showed up on our porch one day and wouldn't leave so even though we already had two cats we ended up adopting him. The first two years he was very shy. We couldn't pet him but he liked to be around us like a little shadow. Then he started becoming braver and soon after we were able to pet him. Pretty soon he couldn't get enough of petting. He was very old when he passed, so even though it was sad, he at least had a happy home for his last few years. He was a good kitty, and will be missed.[/FONT]