Hello everyone! I have twelve chickens in addition to two cats and a bunch of fish, and a rabbit. I started out with five easter eggers three springs ago and loved them so much I went back the next day for two more. It's been growing ever since.

I currently have seven easter eggers, three cochins (two red, one buff), one barred rock, and one speckled sussex.

Here are the original plus two Easter Egger girls at about a week old:

Henrietta, Emma, Olive Oil
Ethel and Lucy

Sadly, Henrietta passed away at 18 1/2 months old.

And here are the cochins (my second batch of chicks) at about three and a half weeks:


That is Franco in the front, sitting down, pretending he's a she like he was supposed to be. Bubbles is the one on the far left, and that's my snuggle chick Buttercup on the far right with Blossom the tiny princess in the middle. We rehomed Franco after she turned out to be a roo (ironic, that) and he has a lovely new home with a flock of ladies all his own. He turned out quite handsome and has a lovely crow. His new family renamed him, but he will always be Franco to me.

Lastly, here are eggs from each of the seven original easter eggers. I ought to get a picture with the cochin eggs as well; the three of them lay very nice eggs. Buttercup lays medium, pale, almost pink eggs, Bubbles lays medium to large brown, frequently speckled ones, and Blossom lays smaller but still tasty plain brown ones. It's hard to believe the youngest girls are almost two now. Petunia has a nice pale green egg, Matilda has medium brown colored eggs, and Charlotte has very light brown eggs. Martha the Silver Laced Wyandotte had medium brown eggs, but she passed away of unknown causes.

Most recently there was a fracture in the flock as Matilda attempted a coup by ousting OliveOil. She succeeded in getting almost everyone to turn on the poor girl so OliveOil, Polly and Petunia (who were still nice to her) have their own coop and a seperate run now. Unfortunately for Matilda the others didn't want her as leader, so her status has since dropped considerably. But for the most part everyone is okay with the new arrangements.

I will try to get some more recent photos up soon!