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Our Brooder

By willheveland · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. willheveland
    Our Brooder
    Chicks023.jpg babychicks.jpg
    We start with day old chicks from Hatcherys,then raise them in our brooders.
    Chicks024.jpg Chicks028.jpg
    The first 2 days I start them on newspaper until they know what their food looks like.
    babychicks001-1.jpg babychicks010.jpg
    babychicks003-1.jpg babychicks011.jpg
    Our Chick Handlers
    Chicks031.jpg Chicks033.jpg
    DSC00062.jpg DSC00063.jpg DSC00064.jpg
    Most often my chick handlers pick favorites
    DSC00060.jpg DSC00061.jpg
    Here is a mixed batch of BR,BA,RR,WR,BO
    Once they are feathered out they go out to the pullet condo to be raised into productive layers.
    scoop.jpg Scan0003.jpg
    We hope you liked our Brooder page,be sure to see our other pages as well.
    we think chickens are cool


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