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Our Chickens: more pictures coming soon!

By ChickenLover200 · Jan 17, 2014 · Updated Jan 19, 2014 · ·
  1. ChickenLover200
    The Chickens

    above: Andie on right (who was thought to be a rooster so kinda has a boy's name :)) Debbie on left
    above: again Andie on right and Debbie on left... I think they are from the same hen cause' they act like sisters...
    above: "The Boys" not the greatest pic of them but oh well... on right is pipsqueak, in the middle is Peep, and on left is Repeep..... Peep and Repeep are brothers (they have to be) I've taken so many videos of them crowing together... and none of them fight.

    above: Ducky on left ( a Male duck) on right Picky (a female duck) both Muscovies I believe...
    above: that's Lily when the 4 of the Barred Rocks were chicks Lily was my favorite.. her sisters who are not in the picture are: Pengu,Skunk/Eagle (that name was un-decided so we call her both), and Spaz who had sour crop and died last year (2013) so now it's only the 3 of them. Oh and the 2 chickens behind are Fluff on right she is also a favorite of mine and so is katie who is on the right behind Lily.
    above: last year (2013) we had a series of really bad storms and for some reason these Silkies: (at top) Debbie, (middle) Andie, (bottom) Connie love to get muddy!
    above: Daisy
    above: (almost) the whole gang...I'd tell the names but there are too many to write!
    above: to the left is Andie (the Silkie) to the right are "The Boys" Pipsqueak,Peep,and Repeep also in the background of each picture above is the Silkie Debbie... She's trying her best to stay in the picture as much as she can!

    Some of the most recent pictures of our chickens just taken yesterday! (1/17/14)
    above: inside the larger of our 3 coops where we house 7 Gold Links, 3 Barred Plymouth Rocks, and 4 White Leghorns... all hens we keep all of them for egg layers and sell eggs for $2 a dozen in our local area.
    above and below: some more pictures of inside the larger coop.

    above: inside the medium sized coop of the three we have you can see all 4 Silkies in the picture from front to back is Connie, then Andie, then Debbie and you can faintly see Thud who I haven't had pictures of on here yet she's in one of the nest boxes. she was also thought to be a rooster same as Andie I still think of her as a rooster because she acts like one... but of course roosters can't lay eggs... so that's out of question... continuing on now:
    above: right out in front is Andie and then you can see part of Connie's face
    above: 2 of the chicken/duck coops.. the one out in front is the medium sized coop that houses 3 Partridge Rocks, 2 Muscovie Ducks, and 4 Silkies all hens except for one of the ducks... behind it is the larger of the three coops which houses the 7 Gold Links, 3 Barred Plymouth Rocks, adn 4 white Leghorns
    above: this is our "rooster coop" the smallest of the three and they are happy and content living right beside their hens... inside this coop lives the 3 roosters. the run attached to the roster's run is attached to the medium sized coop housing the Silkies, ducks, etc.

    I have a story that must be told.. I took a chicken to church today! and that is all.. :p the pastor asked me and my brothers to bring a show and tell project so little Connie the Silkie tagged along and came to church! the next time she lays an egg it will be Holy! ( just kidding) :p she was happy to be back in her coop though :)
    Again thank you for viewing this page!

    More Pics coming soon!
    I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures that are here now and I hope you'll come back to look at more pictures soon!

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  1. ChickenLover200
    thank you all :) I hope you'll come back to look at the newer pictures as soon as i put them on :)
  2. ChemicalchiCkns
    Interesting Silkies
  3. BantamFan4Life
    So cute! You've got a lovely little flock! :)
  4. peppersow
    wow! they look great!
  5. ChicknsRock
    Lovely flock!
  6. scriptkiddieJR
  7. ChickenLover200
  8. chickenboy190
    Nice pics and nice flock!

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