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  1. Over EZ

    The girls at Barncroft: we are 6 Buff Orpingtons and 3 Black Austrolorps, hatched April 1, 2014 (no fooling!). When we are not hanging around the run or roosting in the coop, we love running around the yard! We love scratching around the gardens, and especially love getting treats during Happy Hour. Unfortunately, we are usually not allowed on the chairs, and definitely do not eat at the table!

    Margaret Thatcher is known for taking an unoccupied seat during evening cocktails, while Sophia Lor-hen is not quite sure what to do with a half coconut!

    Coop has been dubbed Poulet Palais - photos to come!

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  1. Lilorp14
    good and he is my roo cher bear aka cherry
  2. Over EZ
    Too late! They were delicious......
    Love your photo!!
  3. Lilorp14
    don't eat the first eggs! lovely hens!!!!!
  4. Over EZ
    Thank you! Whoever is laying hasn't read the articles on using nesting boxes, and has dug out a little nest in the run. I just put some golf balls in the nest boxes and hoping she will take the hint! Eggs are perfect!
  5. lightchick
    Congrats on the egg! Can't wait for my girls to start alying!
  6. arkansas55
    Congrat's on the egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. lovepeeps
    Beautiful girls. congrats on your eggs.
  8. Over EZ
    Thank you! Celebrating our first eggs today. Five months to the day!
    Know you are enjoying your girls. They are such fun!
  9. arkansas55
    what a beautiful flock,i have buff orps too,such loving chicken's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Over EZ
    Thank you so much! I have wanted to raise chickens for many years, and this was the year to jump in and just do it! I am amazed at and amused with their personalities, and enjoy watching them grow. Awaiting our first eggs! Do I sound like a mom? Best regards!
  11. lightchick
    You have a ADORABLE flock!

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