Past Chooks
Here's a few of our past chooks, from the era where they all had names :)
We started out with Orpingtons and Australorps, then added GLW. Bred a few
GLWs and GLW/Autralorps. Added one Brahma and two New Hampshires. Bred
a few GLW/New Hampshires...Well that about sums it up for the starting phase ;)

Our old GLW Rooster, Hansemann, he was gorgeous but grew to have quite
a temper as the years passed:

Our first GLW hen, Pocahontas, and her daughter Smilla:
poca2.jpg smilla2.jpg

The New Hampshires, Hulda - Hulda with babies and Minda:
hulda.jpg Hulda2baby2.jpg minda.jpg

The Australorps, Katinka and Svartkam:
Katinka.jpg Romperumba.jpg Svartkam.jpg

Brahma the Brahma and Fluffy the Buff Orpington:
Brahma.jpg fluffy.jpg

(( ))