Penguins vs. Flamingos

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    Prime Minister:
    Name: Svaal
    Species: King Penguin
    Gender: male
    Physical Attributes: Is buff and mean and scary-looking.
    Spouse: He has three, but they all divorced him.
    Other family: Kraas and Jenk'laar both tough thugs
    Age: 57 penguin years
    Personality: Is gruff and grizzly. Has a pet polar bear that he rides around and uses to eat things he doesn't like.
    Other: Is the penguin prime minister
    Username: @Fanci Feathers Marans

    Everybody Else who is a penguin:

    Name: Sam
    Species: Emperor penguin
    Gender: male
    Physical Attributes: yes, I drew this...
    View attachment 1221810
    Spouse: (can somebody make Samantha, his wife?)
    Other family: he has a kid can somebody make him?
    Age: 1 year
    Personality: friendly, shy
    Other: I wrote a whole book about him in one of my notebooks

    Name: Big Mac
    Species: Macaroni penguin
    Gender: Male
    Physical Attributes: Tiny but vicious
    Spouse: He's too much of a bossy terd
    Other family: They disowned him
    Age: on the older side
    Personality: Bossy, banty rooster-ish, too big for his britches, all that and a bag of chips
    Other: bleb
    Username: PeepersMama

    Name: Zach
    Species: Macaroni Penguin
    Gender: Male
    Physical Attributes: usual
    Spouse: none
    Other family: nobody knows
    Age: 4 yrs
    Personality: sweet and kind hearted
    Other: Hi ... im bored. Whats ur name?
    Username @LilJoe

    Name: Bucky @PeepersMama
    Species: Emperor Penguin
    Gender: Male
    Physical Attributes: He looks like Sam.
    Spouse: None
    Other family: Sam is his dad and his mom has yet to be made.
    Age: 1 month
    Personality: He copies Sam.
    Other: He has a pickle that he cares about dearly.
    Username: Vachick15

    Name: Barnes
    Species: Emperor penguin
    Gender: Male
    Physical Attributes: Super buff and he has a metal flipper
    Spouse: He's to terrifying
    Other family: Captain America
    Age: 100 penguin years (but he looks NOTHING like it XD)
    Personality: Cold, cruel, harsh... But at the end of the day he gets veeerrrryyy confused and sad.
    Other: I need to stop making fandom charries :lau
    Username: various chick

    Name: Whitnay
    Age: 18 in penguin years
    Gender: female
    Personality: loves fish, swimming, and not dying.
    Description: black, white, and orange duh
    Species: a long line of purebred penguins going back 3 thousand years, with a pedigree of purebrededness and no out of species interaction. Her entire line is the one and only totally not overrated, Emporer penguin. She has no other penguin breeds in her line. Not even the King penguin, who looks like a short emporer.
    History: she catches fish every day and hates seals because they eat penguins, and hates orcas and other things that eat penguins. Her one goal in life is to stay alive and keep her species going.
    Other: So much sass it's overwhelming
    Username: Flufferes

    Name: Samantha
    Species: Emperor Penguin
    Gender: Female
    Physical Attributes: She has fuzzy feet and is bright blue.
    Spouse: Sam
    Other family: Unknown
    Age: Approx. same as Sam
    Personality: quiet
    Other: Yuuuus I get Samantha!
    Username: @Dawnclucks22

    Name: Clorox
    age: 4 years old.
    gender: male.
    description: Black penguin with white belly. No extreme markings. 15 feet tall.
    spouse: Not interested in a relationship.
    other family: He doesn't like to think about them, has trained himself to shove all his past memories away and focus on a new life. He's in pursuit of a goal he doesn't recognize.
    species: Penguin
    personality/traits: Always running. He keeps conversations short, and if he's talking to a unintelligible or a super chatty other, he gets snappy. Steers clear of his fears, never challenging the order put in place. He lets others do the work for him, and cheats his way every chance he gets, resorting to thievery. Isn't in a relationship/friendship with anyone, doesn't want to have to give his personal info and share his past with any other penguin he comes by. He cant remember the last time he trusted someone, but still wants to stay close around others, is anxious when alone. Is chill (OH DA PUNS) with being around others as long as no one speaks to him. He does it for the safety of himself.
    History: Clorox was a young, innocent penguin. He did everything a young penguin would do. He had friends, a good relationship with his parents, and with everyone around him. He behaved well, until he became a teen penguin. One day, he ran away with some bad friends that he met at penguin school. They found a research boat and the bad influence penguins dared Clorox to sneak on it. Clorox did it, and ended up sailing to the Florida Keys. He escaped without the researchers knowing, and wandered around, scared for days. He survived off garbage cans at night, which made him tall and unhealthy. He learned the life and challenges of a street-dwelling bird, he joined a flock of seagulls and pigeons. When the car windshield destroyers realized he couldn't fly, they kicked him out of the flock. So, Clorox joined a gang of raccoons. In only days, he was feared by all the raccoons across the state, and crowned the leader of them all. He conducted meetings, getting lonelier and lonelier as the days passed on, For you cant have a friend who is scared of you. Suddenly, he was spotted. A human, walking along the sandy beach followed his tracks. They had cameras. He became anxious, and swam out to the sea, under a large dock nearby.
    The next day after digging though a trash can, he found a newspaper. One of his raccoon interpreters read it for him. Now, this raccoon was named cardboard. He was Clorox's closest friend, the only one he had a good mutual friendship with. Until one day... He told the humans and the humans were like "OMG a giant penguin" and he swam away, sad that his friend betrayed him. He sailed on a giant cheese-it and caught up with some seagulls from travelling from new Zealand. They told him that back in Florida he was called a "Hoax" and that no penguin could be like him. Clorox then fell in to depression. He stayed in New Zealand, then went to Australia and met some Little Blue penguins guarded by a vicious rottweiler. He got bit by the rottweiler and went back to New Zealand. He stayed at a corn farm and lived off it. Once he found a treasure chest and got 25 bucks, so he went to JCPenny's to get a parka and cowboy hat. He then ate a bag of salsa and tostitos, an starred in a commercial for rasin bran. His life was at it's highest point for him, until they found out he was a penguin. They fired him from the bran flakes company. This was the last straw for Clorox. He never trusted anyone again.
    And so, he found himself in Antarctica again.
    Other: Not that i can remember
    Username: Flufferes

    Name: Colonel Sanders
    Species: Penguin
    Gender: unknown (jk male)
    Physical Attributes: tie-dye
    Spouse: none
    Other family: some chickens in the Bermuda Islands that wear speedos and speak Samoan.
    Age: no one knows.
    Personality: is quiet and mostly grunts instead of speaking. Likes pink hippos
    Other: People thought he sold fried chicken and was chased away from his island when they realized he did not, in fact, cook chickens. He flew (yes he flies) for miles and miles until he reached the isle of Sandwich (this is a real thing. Proof: ) where he met an ostrich who told him the meaning of life, the secret to perfectly cooked chicken, the truth about the Illuminati, the location of Atlantis, and why Iceland is called Iceland even though it doesn't have ice.
    Username: @Dawnclucks22

    Name: Frosty
    Species: Magellanic penguin
    Gender: Male
    Physical Attributes: Is a bit smaller than most magellanic penguins, and has a lot of random black speckles.
    Spouse: None
    Other family: Unknown
    Age: 1 year
    Personality: Random, bold, clever
    History: Unknown. It may involve chickens.
    Username: RoostersAreAwesome


    Emperor:Name: Corgi
    Species: flamingo
    Gender: male
    Physical Attributes: file:///storage/emulated/0/Download/flamingo-1979690__340.jpg
    Rank: Emperor
    Spouse: none
    Other family: none
    Age: 7 years
    Personality: sassy
    Other: 25% of earth's species are marching toward extinction by 2050
    Username: Flerfy

    Everybody else that is a flamingo:

    Name: Tainted Taco
    Species: Pink flamingo
    Physical Attributes: sassy and classy
    Spouse: Crazy
    Other Family: Silent but deadly
    Age:Older than dirt
    Personality: Bold, beautiful, comical, puzzle and problem solver
    Other: Need to know basis only
    UserName: Mrs. Misty Real

    ~Character Form~
    Name: Buffalo
    Species: Mediterranean Flamingo
    Gender: female
    Physical Attributes: especially whitish and clumsy, but great at setting traps.
    Spouse: open
    Other family: open
    Age: 1 year
    Personality: bleh. Warriorlike
    Other: none
    Username: [USER=496919]@AMERAUCANAS4REAL[/USER]

    Name: Jazzella
    Species: Flamingo
    Gender: Female
    Physical Attributes: Ugly among Flamingoes.
    Spouse: None - she's ugly
    Other family: disowned she's ugly
    Age: Fledgling enough feathers to fly.
    Personality: Selfish so that her people will accept her. but deep down motherly and caring.
    Other: Loves warmth and doesn't understand why her people want to move to the antarctic so badly. But is willing to go along with any plan if it means acceptance. Her people keep her around only because she is excellent at making traps invisible to the penguins.
    Username: Laodicia

    ~Character Form~
    Name: Roast Beef
    Species: Mediterranean Flamingo
    Gender: male
    Physical Attributes: decent looking.
    Spouse: some of these flamingos need to get married!
    Other family: who needs em
    Age: 2 years
    Personality: uggg. He is a flamingo, who doesn't like that weird looking one with a weird name. That he doesn't care enough about to remember. He can be charming at times.
    Other: comes from a long line of Mediterranean Flamingos. He lives somewhere around Algeria. Uh, people, who needs em.
    Username: only someone like @AMERAUCANAS4REAL would make a charrie like this.
    Name: Pocahotness
    Species: Flamongo
    Gender: Female
    Physical Attributes: The best looking Mediterranean Flamingo to ever walk the face of the Earth.
    Spouse: Cocoa Puff
    Other family: Na
    Age: 21 in flamingo years
    Personality: TBD
    Other: Na
    Username: PeepersMama

    Name: Cocoa Puff
    Species: Flamongo
    Gender: Male
    Physical Attributes: Typical Mediterranean flamingo, except he's like an evil scientist
    Spouse: Pocahotness
    Other family: Na
    Age: 25 in flamingo years
    Personality: Typical evil scientist
    Other: Na
    Username: PeepersMama

    Name: Fry
    age: 10 years
    gender: female
    side: Flamingos
    species: flamingo
    description:white with pink feet and head
    spouse: dosnt have one
    other family: i dont know
    personality: sassy, crazy
    Username: Frenchfry

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    Since I like to reassure myself, we now have a grand total of 9 penguins, 7 males and two females.
    And five flamingos 2 males and three females, which is pretty normal.
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  3. Fanci Feathers Marans
    Watch this article if you want up dates
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    Big Mac reminds me of a d'Anver. :p
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