Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my BYC Page.
We live in Suffolk, England so quite distance from you folks in the USA! At the moment we have about an acre of land but most of it is woodland so not much pasture. Hoping to move and get about 4 acres with more grazing. It'll be a major upheaval to move all the stock and leave this home as it would be perfect if only there was more land. We're also keen gardeners and its going to be equally hard to leave all the plants.

We keep a wide range of animals including; Sulcata and Marginated Tortoises, Macaws, Dogs, fish and of course poultry. We have Orpingtons mainly and a group of 4 Rheas that we hatched ourselves in 2010. We've 3 whites and 1 grey but at the moment not sure about sexes though its looking like 1 male and 3 females (too good to be true)

We specialise in Exhibtion Dewlap Toulouse and want to concentrate on developing our lines further to include exhibition quality Buffs. Our main Gander is from Dave Holderread and it's his 'type' and size that we want to 'fix' into our lines. He's getting on a bit in years so in 2011 we want to breed some quality stock from him that become our next generation of breeders. We also have Greys decended from the Canadian lines of Sarah McHolm which widens our gene pool further. Our Buffs are unrelated from two different English lines, one of which is John Hall's bloodline.


We also specialise in incubation of many types of eggs and in 2011 will publish some our research and work which we hope will push the boundaries of understanding incubation and hatching even further.

Incubation Images - (left to right). A developing Rhea, a Dewlap Toulouse at 6 days, a hatching Greenwing Macaw.
In 2011 we paired our Holderread male and our Canadian gander to the Buffs. We're hoping to breed 2 lines of young males that are split for Buff and these can be paired back to our Buff females. To increase size and type we plan to mate a Holderread son that's split for Buff to a Holderread daughter (half sister) to try and get the elusive exhibition quality Buff. Well that's the theory but with lifestock you can never make fixed plans!
So thats are present plans and a summary of what we keep
We've tried to provide informative and educational threads on the BYC about Incubation and our Guide to Incubation and Hatching has been made an official 'Sticky' on Waterfowl. It is due to be published in the UK magazine 'Practical Poultry' and has been submitted for publication to a USA magazine. We also provided the breed profile here on BYC for Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse. Here are the links to our best threads;

If you would like to contact us then please use the PM service on BYC and we'll do our best to answer you promtly.

Pete Banks