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Petrie the Banty EE

By hausfrau77 · Jun 17, 2014 · Updated Jul 11, 2014 ·
  1. hausfrau77
    I brought home 2 banties when the other girls were 2 weeks old, we lost the first BR baby the first night and this baby was just not consolable and not ok with being able to see the others while she grew big enough so in she went and that was that!
    She fit right in and now is actually the boss of 2 of the Cochin sisters twice her size.

    Beard and muff coming in at 8 weeks

    She is so much fun and we cannot wait to get some more EE next year! She is bright and alert, being the first to let everyone know when "El Gato" is nearing to watch himself some ChickenTV. Though she is a half pint she is very ambitious and capable. She is very plucky lol! Energetic and happy, this peeper is a keeper!

    [​IMG]12weeks old

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