Hello! This page is all about other pets I'll have pictures ,info, and any other thing that important I f you want more info or want me to write about a certin type of animal PM me!!!!!! First......
Guinea Pig:
Guinea Pigs are good pets for anyone, young kids, old kids, adults and a little older. Also called Cavies, there are:

Short Haired
Long Haired Abyssinian(little whirls in fur)

Guinea Pigs are social so you should have at least 2. They aren't that big on escaping cages but there are some that do.Make sure it is escape-proof.
Be careful with dogs if you have a larger dog they tend to see them as squirrels or rats so they will try to knock over and get to them so either but them up where they can't be knocked off or on the ground in a corner.

A Guinea Pig needs a house to sleep in. Every one knows thr plastic igloos and the woodboxes which is perfect for them But some people get WAYYYY creative Yeah.
Guinea Pigs NEED toys, they aren't like cats(buy them a toy but they play with their tail) they will be so miserable without toys. Peferable toys with they can chew or run through (sticks, chew balls, ramps, tunnels ,ect). They also need a brick to file their nails on or you can just clip them.
Obvisously, males and females shouldn't be togather(you can have a male and female just not togather, different cages people)unless you want babies.And don't house grown males togather they will fight = not good.
Guinea pigs will live up to 8 years old, 8-11 inches long. Exercise balls and wheels not good for Guinea Pigs unless its that giant ball that could fit a small dog in it(dont try it with your dog)

DietHigh-quality guinea pig food; timothy hay, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Requires 30–50 mg of vitamin C daily from vitamin supplements, parsley, washed citrus fruits. Treats should not exceed 10% of total food intake. Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-free water changed daily. Do not feed chocolate, alcohol or caffeine as these can cause serious medical problems
Feeding Food and water should always be available. Small amounts of fruits, or vegetables can be given daily. Fruits and vegetables not eaten within 24 hours should be discarded
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Rabbits also known as Bunnies are a wild and domestic breed. I myself have had 4 Rabbits, 1 currently and 1 soon coming in spring!! They are social also so they do well in groups of 2 or more but they are also okay by themselves just make sure you give them plenty of company. Hey guys stopping for now will finish tomorrow! ~Angela~2010-02-09