pictures can be seen in the links .
More pictures coming soon.
Welsummers and one of my game hen that hatched 11 of 12 of my welsummers eggs.

Blue Andalusian .
This is some pictures of my Andalusians. I do have some brown egg laying hens in this pen, if your interested in a cross I can do that to just let me know.
My hatch rate is great I got 100% on 2 hatches, I got all 3 colors blue - black- splash in the first and all blue but one in the 2nd. This is a breeder line not hatchery.
Wonderful eggs to candle. I have shipped eggs to some of the byc members and they got 100% hatch way to go girls. I have all 3 colors in my breeding pen.
The color blue does not hatch true in chickens. Blue is a diluting gene for black. So, 50% of your Blue Andalusians will hatch blue, and 25% will be black. The last 25% will be "splash," having received two diluting genes. Splash is a very light color, pale blue or white with "splashes" of black and darker blue in the feathers, especially in the wings and tail. Not all of your blues will actually be blue! The black and splash birds are for breeding and when bred together will produce 100% blue off spring.
This is a link to pictures of my young stock from my eggs.

Golden Lakenvelder.
Wonderful eggs to candle and incubate .