My Flock
I love my flock.My flock started with two sex-links,a red sex-link and a black sex-link.Both were hens.They were shy to start with,but after two days,they trusted me well.This was the first time I ever had chickens and I never knew I could learn so much from the bird I loved to eat for dinner.My opinion of the chicken was changed from thinking they were dumb birds,to learning how smart each individual bird was and the different personality each had.After I seen my hens raise their chicks,I wondered why people would call other people chicken when they wouldn't do what the other person told them to do because the chickens I knew were more bold and couragous than most people that say that,(Confusing?).
My first rooster was not too nice towards people and I got flogged a couple of times.He only stayed with the black sex-link,and let cats into the coop! and didn't make any danger calls or anything! I had to keep the cats out of the coop.I also had to go int the coop with my red hen because she wanted the rooster to go in with her while she layed her eggs,but he wouldn't.I ended up giving him to one of my neighbors.That following Easter,I got two chicks from the feed store.One was a white leghorn colored green and the other was a rhode island red.I named the green one Pinky(the inverted color of green is pink),and the rir Stinky(it rhymed with pinky).The next week,I came home and seen a little greyish turkey in with them.It was a late easter gift,and I always wanted a turkey.My sister named it Tinky(because it rhymed with Pinky and Stinky).When they grew,I found out I had two roosters and a female turkey.I loved them so much.They would follow me everywhere.Both roosters were very nice and never attempted to hurt me,so I kept both.My turkey was so friendly and nice to everyone.Later on,I got more hens,one was a blue andalusian(who recently had chick with Pinky),two black australorps,and two more sex-link chickens.