Coming spring 2011!
Two new breeding pens and Blue Olive Eggers!!!!!!
Sept 2010: I have recently acquired Coronation Sussex and Light Sussex!

I will have a total of three coops, two will be used for my Black copper Marans breeding and the third will be for my Blue Olive Egger project! I have crossed my Black Copper Marans roos with my Easter Eggers. I did a total of five hatches. I ended up with a lot of black colored olive eggers and only two of them were blue. I was lucky enough to have them turn out to be one pullet and one cockerel!
I have to wait until Nov/Dec before my blue Olive Egger starts to lay. Once she does I am going to place as many of her eggs in the incubator as I can. I'm hoping to collect 12 to set. My goal is to have a 100% blue Olive Egger flock!

My blue Olive Egger cockerel is just starting to get his saddle feathers in! He is going to be one pretty boy! I will post pics of him as soon as his colors start to show!

Now my Black Copper Marans! I am very excited to be adding to my flock! I purchased some beautiful hatching eggs from Wynette here on BYC! She sent me 14 eggs, all were fertile but 2 stopped developing early. I had 12 go into lockdown and all 12 hatched!

I have some great plans for these babies! My current flock will be in one breeding pen and my new flock will be in the other. I will only cross these pens in single breeding pairs and do test hatches and grow them out to find the best pairings for breeding to the proposed Standard of Perfection. I plan to keep very strict breeding records! This is the best hobby in the world!